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Have a Mobile App? Promote it With SMS Messages

Have a Mobile App- Promote it With SMS Messages

So you’ve got a great new mobile app, or an existing one without many downloads. With well over a million apps in both the Apple store and the Google Marketplace, it’s no wonder you have trouble getting people to download it. How do you let people know about it, and make it easy for them to download? One of the best ways to do both is to send an SMS message to your list.

Getting Them to Notice Your Mobile App

You’ve probably let people know about your mobile app a couple of different ways already. Maybe you tried email, or printed signs, or printed adverts. The trouble with those methods is they often get lost in the noise. Even the people who might be interested in your app may never read the email or see the printed collateral. The best way to have them notice is to send them a message they won’t ignore – a text message. People still read virtually every text message they get, and do so almost immediately. They haven’t yet become jaded or overloaded by too many text messages.

So send a message to your list letting them know about the app. Don’t have many people on your list? Then do a one-two punch by running an opt-in campaign followed by an app promotion campaign to the new members of your list (see my next blog on a great way to do this!)

You can also get lots of ideas by reading our Mobile Marketing Guide.

Making it Easy for Them to Download

A major benefit of letting your list know about the app in a text message is you can include a link directly to the app store. When they click it, they are redirected to the store so they can download it immediately. If you send them an email, they may read it on their laptop so they can’t download the app from there. So they wait until later … then forget all about it.

And if they do remember, they may not remember the name correctly when they search for it in the app store. Or the search term pulls up the dozens of apps with similar names and they can’t figure out which one is the right one. A direct link in an SMS message solves all those problems!

Want to get the word out to more people than are on your existing list? Try promoting it on your website and build your list at the same time. Check out my next blog to find out how.

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