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Auto-responder is a useful feature of the NetMessenger browser based SMS messaging platform.

At its simplest it enables you to automatically send a text reply to all inbound SMS messages. If, for example, you are using fastsms to gather opted in subscriptions to a news servcice, you might want to automatically return a “Thank You!” message, partly out of courtesy but also to reassure the subscriber that their request has been received.

The real power of auto responders however is when they are used in conjunction with a keyword. In this way the automatic response can be customised according to the keyword sent in. For example if the keyword is a product code then the response could provide latest info on price or stock situation. If the keyword is a property reference, seen on a For Sale sign, the response could be details and price of the property. The possibilities for using auto responders with keywords are endless.

SMS text messaging is one of the most effective marketing tools you can use to raise the profile of your business, communicate with your customers and send direct information to the people you most want to target. It's a highly cost-effective way to reach customers as most people carry a mobile phone on them every day.  If you work within the retail sector, SMS messaging presents several opportunities for you to reach and connect with customers, with the aim of generating increased sales. For some of the main reasons SMS marketing is ideal for retailers, read on.

Marketing for gyms and leisure centres is unlike marketing within many other industries. It's not enough to simply gain a customer and expect to keep them indefinitely. It's important to make every attempt to keep that customer dedicated and interested in achieving their fitness goals to avoid lapsed memberships and cancellations. It's in every gym's best interest to have a loyal customer base that feels supported and encouraged to attend the gym regularly. Failure to do so can result in members who feel it is a waste of money to pay for a membership that they don't use often enough. That's where SMS marketing can make a big difference.


Ask most individuals and they will tell you that they generally use SMS messaging for personal communications. For B2B marketers, this single assumption often leads to this powerful channel being completely ignored. Whilst it may be true that most messages sent by individuals are indeed personal in nature, this is not necessarily the same for messages they receive. Read on to learn why SMS messaging has huge potential in B2B marketing and how to use it to increase ROI and engagement.


Used across numerous sectors, SMS messaging can be particularly rewarding in the entertainment and hospitality industries. With a combined revenue of over £140 billion, the entertainment and hospitality industries are thriving and their worth is expected to increase substantially in the near future. However, with many Britons having less disposable income to play with, businesses will be vying for custom more than ever. In order to attract new consumers and retain existing customers, companies will need to develop, enhance and refine their marketing techniques. SMS is one such proven technique.


All sorts of companies are finding SMS messaging works much better than traditional customer support channels like phone calls and emails. In this post, you’ll see examples of how businesses are keeping their customers happy and seeing great results with SMS.