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Powerful Contact

Manage your individual contacts, their conversation

history & their subscriptions to lists all in one place

It only takes a few minutes to import all your contacts directly into fastsms
Create a free account & claim enough free credits to text 25 numbers


Add individual contacts for one-to-one text conversations in real time. Add custom contact fields and view full conversation history. Ideal for customer support, staff management and reminders.

Send bulk SMS contacts
Bulk SMS contact groups


Individual contacts can belong to any number of groups. This makes it quick and easy to send to numbers who often need to be sent the same message at the same time. Ideal for teams, classes and departments.

More Contact Features

Direct SMS replies

Chat view

View a full conversation history with individual contacts in chat view. Great for one-to-one customer support.

SMS permissions

Group permissions

Control which sub-users can access and send messages to which specific groups of contacts. Great when managing a team.

SMS tool


Keep your lists healthy and your marketing compliant by maintaining and cleaning lists against your blacklist.

SMS list

Custom fields

Use custom fields within your lists to insert any dynamic content into your messages. Or trigger a send based on 'date'.

Throttling SMS

List throttling

Use list throttling to drip feed delivery over a set time - perfect for when you're expecting a big response.

SMS unsubscribe


Manage your customers' preferences by (un)subscribing them from lists, or enable them to do it themselves using keywords.