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Get a reply with inbound SMS numbers

Sending your text message is only half the story. When you use two-way SMS messaging you can receive replies to messages, and then act on those replies.

To receive SMS online you’ll need to choose a virtual mobile number (VMN), a keyword on our shared shortcode, or your own custom shortcode.

Send from a VMN for direct replies

When you send a text, you can select your virtual mobile number as the ‘from’ name – this means all your customers need to do is hit ‘reply’ on their phone to send you a response.

Unlimited keywords

With a VMN you can set up an unlimited number of keywords to filter your incoming messages. Use keywords to forward messages to specific departments, reply with an auto-message or simply tag it in your inbox for follow up.

Send bulk SMS
Send bulk SMS keyword

Get results with a shortcode keyword

Keywords on our 5 digit shortcode not only look professional but they’re really easy to remember. Perfect for when you’re running a marketing campaign & people only have a few seconds to see or hear your advert (e.g. “Text WIN to 87007”).

More Receiving Features

Receive SMS

Message forwarding

Automatically forward incoming messages to a specific mobile number, email address or via HTTP.

SMS list

List triggering

From your mobile, trigger a message to a specific list of numbers by sending a specific message to your VMN.

Direct SMS replies


Automatically reply to your messages to let your customers know it's been received, or filter responses based on keywords.

SMS unsubscribe

Subscription manager

Automatically (un)subscribe customers to/from specific lists based on keywords they text to your number.

SMS tool


Automatically blacklist numbers when they text a specific keyword to your VMN (e.g. STOP) keeping your lists clean.

Branded SMS

Custom shortcodes

Big corporations that require their own shortcode can benefit from unlimited keywords. Ask for more details.