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Send SMS from
Any Email Client

Email to SMS features make it easy to send & receive

text messages via SMTP or from within any email client

See for yourself how easy it is to start using Email to SMS in your
business – we’ll even give you 25 free credits to get started

Send texts from anywhere via your email

A fast and easy way to get your team started with FastSMS is to use our Email to SMS gateway. There’s no new software to download or learn. Just sign up for your free account and use your favourite email client just the way you do now.

By using Email to SMS you can:

  • Send from anywhere in the globe, but pay local UK message rates to UK numbers
  • Receive text messages in your email inbox when you use a virtual mobile number
  • Stay in touch wherever you have Wi-Fi, even when there’s no mobile signal

Businesses love Email to SMS because it offers a straightforward way to use SMS messaging:

  • You can integrate SMS messaging into any application that supports email without worrying about an API.
  • Employees can send and receive text messages without the need to access a browser in businesses that need to control or limit access.
  • With Email to SMS you get all the FastSMS features you’ll need for bulk messaging, mobile marketing, or time-sensitive notifications.

How it works

  1. First log into your account, and within the ‘Settings’ area, click the ‘Email Gateway’ tab. Using the top dropdown box select enable. You can now add your domain.
  2. To send a text message using your email account, put the customers’ mobile number into the ‘To’ field followed by @e2s.fastsms.co.uk – Example: 447123456789@e2s.fastsms.co.uk
  3. Now type out your message and include ## at the end. The ## tells our system that this is the end of your message and not to send anything after.
  4. Click send.
Email to SMS

More Email to SMS Features

Secure Business SMS

Secure texting

Keep your account secure, and limit access for your team members by using an authentication token to send

Email signatures

Email signatures

Cut off long email signatures and disclaimers simply using the /eom command on the line after your message

Direct SMS replies


Use keywords to automatically forward inbound text messages to the right email address of a specific team member

Long SMS messages

Long subject lines

Automatically truncate long subject lines to the 11 character limit so it doesn't fail when trying to send

Receive SMS


Use email forwarding to receive inbound SMS and replies to your texts directly in your email client inbox

Throttling SMS

Business hours

Set business hours to restrict what time your team members can send texts to your contacts