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SMS Reporting
& Account Alerts

Generate messaging reports for every level of your

account & set up alerts so you’re always in control

Take a look at our real-time delivery reporting for yourself.
Create a free account and we’ll give you 25 free credits for testing.

Stats at a glance

Keep an eye on your account statistics whenever you’re logged in by visiting your dashboard. Here you can see messages sent, received & delivered as well as your balance & the status of your inbound numbers.

Send bulk SMS analytics
Send bulk SMS analytics

Real-time delivery reporting

When you send a message, it’s important to know it reached its destination. Watch as your message status goes from ‘sent’ to ‘delivered’ in a matter of seconds.

Detailed account reporting

Generate detailed reports for specific date ranges at every level of your account (including sub-users). View usage, message content and the results from specific lists broadcasts.

Send Bulk SMS reports

More Reporting Features

SMS sub accounts

Sub-user reports

Generate specific reports for your entire account, or for specific sub-users. Perfect for when your team is sharing credits.

SMS click through

Click through rate

Measure the click through rate of your SMS marketing campaigns using any URL shortener service (e.g. bitly.com).

Low SMS warning

Low credit alerts

Get notified every time your balance is running low. Set your own alert threshold to notify multiple email addresses.

SMS download reports

Download reports

When you generate a specific report, choose to view it in your browser or download it as a CSV file.

Receive SMS

Inbound messages

Get notified every time you receive a message to your virtual mobile number using message forwarding.

SMS undelivered alert

Undeliverable alert

It's important to know if your message didn't reach its destination. Get an alert every time a message is undeliverable.