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We have found that within the recruitment sector, communicating through SMS is the best way to help candidates get a job. Because it’s discreet, candidates can check the message whilst at work with the knowledge that their job search is being kept quiet. We have created a library of blogs all around how recruiters can use SMS to maximise their intake of candidates and help them get jobs.

One of the many main advantages of business SMS, is that the method of communication is extremely quick, virtually instant. Meaning that if a business needs to send important information to a customer that needs to be read immediately, then SMS is the perfect tool. This is one of the reasons that the recruitment sector love SMS. They can easily and quickly send out messages to thousands of potential candidates in one click of a send button, but more than that, they know that virtually all of those messages will be read. SMS is not just great for the recruiters themselves, but also the candidates. They get information on potential jobs immediately, whilst also having a discreet way to communicate with the recruiters to ask for more details. SMS is a real winner for both parties, but starting your SMS venture can be a little daunting without any previous experience, and it shouldn’t...

The recruitment sector has completely fallen in love with business SMS, and for some very good reasons! Too long has the communication between recruiter and candidate been underperforming, often inconvenient for the candidate and not time efficient for the recruiter, leaving recruiters searching for answers. Well SMS is answering those questions with aplomb.  Many of the main benefits and plus points associated with SMS, are exactly what recruiters and candidates are looking for when it comes to communication. Speed The recruitment game is very fast-paced, fast and instant communication is needed to be able to talk between the candidates and recruiter themselves effectively.  On average 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes (Source Gartner) So certainly speed is one of the main factors that SMS can offer recruitment as a business communication tool. SMS allows recruiters to send details about job roles and candidates to read the messages instantly and then reply or...