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People Management

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People management is one of the lesser known uses for SMS messaging. Most people are well aware of how texting can be used to market goods, services and events. Most of us receive SMS alerts reminding us to renew our insurance, turn up to the surgery or be on time for the theatre. But people management and SMS – what’s the connection?

Well plenty actually. Many cleaning companies send job details to cleaners to manage their schedules. Schools use SMS to search for supply teachers. Housing associations issue job tickets to their maintenance staff by text.

So especially where people are out and about the best way of issuing instructions or notifying changes of schedule is through SMS messaging.

This section of our blog contains examples of how you can improve your organisation and service whilst reducing stress and wasted time.

If you need help in devising a solution to your people management challenges just get in touch and talk things over with one of our friendly experts.

Technology has changed how companies operate in recent decades. It’s changed how employees work too. Successful companies are taking advantage of these changes, specifically mobile phones and SMS messaging. Read our blog to see five ways you can use SMS messaging in your business.


Most major sports teams in the UK and US already know the power of SMS for engaging fans via scores, stats and other data. But the power of SMS can extend far beyond the world of the major leagues. SMS is ideal, not only for communicating with participants but to coordinate teams of volunteers across the event.


False Hope Syndrome happens to nearly 90 % of the people who make New Year’s resolutions. People set grand, hopeful, but unreasonable goals for themselves. But if you can get yourself to focus on something specific you want to improve, SMS messaging can help you achieve it.


More and more recruiters and marketers are now realising the powerful impact SMS marketing can have. Fast, direct, discreet, and accessible to a candidate even when they might not be able to talk on the phone, they are still able to check their phone for text messages.


It’s now scientific fact. SMS messaging in schools can help improve maths scores and increase attendance. We know because of a yearlong study of thousands of secondary students across the UK. The key is increasing parent involvement. Learn how it was done, and how to use it in your school.