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Staff communication

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Communicating with staff has never been easier with simple SMS messaging. With staff happiness a core part of every business now, we have created blogs all around how SMS can be used to communicate with employees and keep them happy.

There are thousands of hugely impressive success stories around how SMS has improved and helped businesses externally, increasing sales and improving customer experience. But SMS can not only help you externally in communicating with your customers, it can also help your business internally. With mobile workforces, home working and flexible part time staffing, staff and employee communication can be a little tricky, especially when your staff numbers are high and you need instant communication. This is exactly where SMS can help, effective, easy and instant, SMS is transforming internal business communications. How SMS can improve staff communication  Emergency updates Sometimes disasters strike, and certain things are left completely out of your hands, adverse weather conditions, electricity or internet issues are just a few things that might make your office unusable for staff.  A simple message to all your employees outlining the problem and letting them know about other arrangements or to work from home, easy,...