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Transactional SMS

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There are two main categories of SMS; Marketing and Transactional. Transactional messages include things like confirmations, reminders, critical comms and more.
This is the category that is most commonly used by businesses in order to provide their customers with helpful communications about their service.

Read our selection of posts on transactional SMS for businesses.

There are lots of different ways businesses are using SMS to further their business, and transactional SMS is just one of those ways - but what exactly is transactional SMS? Transactional SMS is a term that relates to SMS messages that are sent to customers after they have completed an action, they are often automatically sent in direct relation to that customer. With the automation of these messages, they are helping businesses with not only their workload, but also improving their customer experiences. Your workforce is then not having to be available 24/7 and carry out mundane updates/tasks, and your customers are getting personalised information delivered to them instantly.  In a world when the majority of customers are now wanting self-serve options, and demanding excellent customer service, we are seeing more and more transactional SMS messages being implemented and sent. Types of transactional SMS messages  SMS confirmations Communication is such an important part of any relationship,...

Missed appointments can be a huge problem for businesses, no-shows cost businesses billions every year, in fact the NHS revealed that almost £1 Billion was wasted annually by patients missing appointments. According to the NHS figures, every hospital outpatient appointment missed, costs the NHS approximately £120. (Source: Guardian) However, it is not just the NHS that is having this issue with missed appointments, lots of businesses now have customer appointments and rely on their customers turning up, from dentists, to osteopaths, to bank appointments and taxi drivers, missed arrangements is something that is harming and effecting millions of businesses. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way, businesses have found a way to drastically improve attendance rates, making sure their customers are turning up to their appointments, and the answer has been right there in their pocket or hand the whole time - the mobile phone and SMS appointment...

Every business has competition, and each business wants to come out on top and be victorious. To do that, you need all the pieces of the puzzle to be working effectively and efficiently, from marketing and sales, to operations and support. In this fast paced modern world, everyone and every customer wants things instantly, no longer do customers expect to sit on hold for hours waiting to speak to an advisor, no longer do customers expect to wait for their documents in the post, or to go into a bank to do their banking - they want to be able to get answers instantly from the comfort of their home or office using their mobile devices. When it comes to things like customer support, customer service or communicating with your customers, you really cannot spare any expense, as how you treat your customers and how happy they are, will reflect your businesses...