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We do our best to bring you the latest news and gossip from the world of SMS and Mobile Marketing. As SMS messaging becomes ever more widely adopted we expect to offer you a steady supply of SMS news so why not subscribe to our blog?

We will include info on new products and services in the mobile market. We will share usage statistics showing which operators are growing or losing out. What devices are proving popular and which are flops. Also reports from industry events, product launches, exhibitions and anything else we think you might find interesting.

We’ll also keep you up to date with what is happening inside Fastsms. Changes to the product range, new technologies, special offers and our plans for the future. We’ll include changes or additions to the team as well.

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2018 was a huge, amazing year here at FastSMS. We welcomed lots of new staff to our already fantastic team, and we were purchased by the European communication giants, Commify. Our new owners are experts and specialists in business communications, meaning we have the perfect team and support to help us build, develop and improve FastSMS. 2019 looks to be even bigger, better and more exciting! We have lots of new and exciting projects in the pipeline for the year, from new tools, features and services all to make your business communications experience even better. The power and might of the mobile is only continuing to grow, with industry experts saying yet again ‘This is the year of the mobile’ and businesses investing more time into getting their customers’ mobile experience right.   There is also lots of talk from businesses and thought leaders around customer experience, and how mobile can help improve this,...

As far as marketing goes, there is little doubt that Mr Claus has got a lot right. Santa is, after all, a brand that is recognised worldwide and generates billions of pounds in sales. Despite this, one key thing seems to be missing from Santa’s marketing mix - SMS Marketing. Here are 5 reasons why we believe he really ought to be using it.

SMS was once considered to be a dead technology, but the humble text message has proved it’s around for the long haul. And what with Nokia reintroducing the iconic 3310 with its never-ending battery life and non-smart interface, straightforward texting fits right into our busy lifestyles.


One of our newest team members is Jordan, who joined us earlier this year. We asked him to answer some questions so our customers could get to know him better. He manages a variety of sectors so take a few moments and find out how Jordan can help you with SMS messaging.