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Earlier in the year we launched NetMessenger v2.0 - one of the main changes that came with it was a shift from a folder based Inbox, to a tag based system much like modern email solutions like Gmail.

Fastsms international network coverage delivers SMS messages to most countries across the world using the best routes available. We work with experienced SMS aggregators for the more unusual destinations with premium direct connections in key territories. Things can change rapidly so we are constantly monitoring our international messaging and looking for new and more effective ways of delivering SMS.

In addition to being able to send SMS through your browser and from your desktop, Fastsms also offers the option to send SMS text messaging through any email client by following a simple format. This is particularly useful in a couple of scenarios.

So SMS messaging helps you get more candidates, gets candidate details to employers more quickly, cuts down the time it takes to communicate whilst enhancing confidentiality, and more! This boil down to Recruitment Agencies using SMS fully having a measurable edge over their competitors. So what are you waiting for?