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Mobile Marketing

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Mobile marketing refers to a wide range of activities that businesses can use to promote their business or achieve efficiencies in their operations. The “Mobile” bit implies that these interactions occur between the business and the mobile devices of its customers or potential customers – i.e. to and from their phones, tablets and to some extent laptops.

The main element of this is SMS Marketing where text messaging is used to build opted in mailing lists, promote brand awareness, publicise events and distribute special offers.

Inbound SMS marketing persuades potential customers to text into a Shortcode or Virtual Mobile Number a response that includes permission to send them further marketing messages. This might include competitions, voting campaigns or basic enquiries. Once you have acquired an opted-in list you can run outbound SMS marketing campaigns to share product information, special offers, opening hours, event notifications and much more.

Mobile marketing also covers banner advertising on mobile websites and Bluetooth Proximity marketing. This is a technique where a retail premise can send out marketing messages to passers-by via Bluetooth.

Read the posts below for lots of examples of how Mobile Marketing works. You can also view our detailed Mobile Marketing Guide.

SMS is simply the worst kept secret for successful business SMS communication. What started out as a few maverick corporate businesses testing the water by using SMS to talk to their customers, has turned into a mass global adoption of SMS as a business major B2C communication channel, for businesses of all shapes and sizes. With the huge success of business SMS, businesses companies began to explore different ways they could utilise SMS into their business. From transactional SMS, to SMS reminders and notifications, to promotions and marketing, SMS has become the Swiss army knife of business communication. There are thousands of stats and success stories around SMS flying around, like the whopping 98% open rate, or the fact that 90% of all text messages are read within the first 90 seconds. However we have chosen to talk about just five stats that you might not have heard before, but they should...

Business SMS is one of the most powerful and effective communication methods for businesses around today. With many businesses from small start-ups to large corporate enterprise businesses taking full advantage of the benefits of SMS to enhance their business. Benefits of Business SMS Quick and easy Sending an SMS message is quick and easy, especially with FastSMS. Simply write your message and then either enter your specific number that you want the message to go to, or select a specific contact group, which could have hundreds of thousands of contacts in. Low cost There is no need for any designers to create expansive and elaborate designs, no need to hire a Google ads expert, it’s a simple effective message that could reach thousands of customers. With FastSMS you could send out a marketing campaign to 10 thousand people for £360. Effective The best thing of all about business SMS, is it’s immensely effective. 98% of all text...

Short codes and virtual mobile numbers are fantastic features that can help take your SMS customer communication to the next level. Both allow your customers to text and communicate with you but in different ways. Virtual Mobile Numbers A virtual mobile number or long code, is an 11 digit virtual mobile number that allows customers to reply to your text messages and also allows them to text and engage with you. This means that you can have two way conversations with your customers through text message. Great for customer support or allowing customers to reply to appointment reminders to confirm, cancel or change the date and time. An easy, quick and convenient way for customers to have conversations with your business. You can also promote this virtual number across your website and business material letting customers know that they can text you at any time. Short codes A short code is a specific chosen word by...

The sun is shining and the spirits are high, we can almost taste the Summer season as Spring is now shining in all its beautiful glory.  To add an even bigger spring in your step, we thought we would run a quick Flash Sale to finish off the month of March. So whether you have a pressing campaign to send or want to stock up on some free credits – now is the time to purchase some more credits. Our Flash Sale SMS Offer Any purchase over 1,000 credits will receive an extra 10% free SMS credits! The offer can be used multiple times but cannot be used with any existing offer or discount SMS credit price.  Our offer ends on the 31st March, so make sure you take full advantage of our free credits offer. Business SMS is now being used in more ways than ever, with its incredible open rate of 98%, it...

There is always more than meets the eye when it comes to business SMS, it seems every day there are new and innovative ways that businesses are harnessing the power of the mobile phone for the good of their business.  The mobile phone has become such an integral part of our everyday lives, it is now our much-preferred method of contact. So businesses are now trying to find ways to enhance their own mobile explorations, finding that business SMS can answer many of their business needs and requirements, whilst also improving on their existing methods, whether that be through cost, efficiency or effectiveness.   Virtual Mobile Numbers Virtual mobile numbers are nothing new but are a fantastic feature of business SMS. Letting your business have its own unique virtual mobile number, which allows your customers to not only reply to your text messages, but also text you. This means you can have a text conversation...

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