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mobile marketingMobile marketing refers to a wide range of activities that businesses can use to promote their business or achieve efficiencies in their operations. The “Mobile” bit implies that these interactions occur between the business and the mobile devices of its customers or potential customers – i.e. to and from their phones, tablets and to some extent laptops.

The main element of this is SMS Marketing where text messaging is used to build opted in mailing lists, promote brand awareness, publicise events and distribute special offers.

Inbound SMS marketing persuades potential customers to text in to a Shortcode or Virtual Mobile Number a response that includes permission to send them further marketing messages. This might include competitions, voting campaigns or basic enquiries. Once you have acquired an opted in list you can run outbound SMS marketing campaigns to share product information, special offers, opening hours, event notifications and much more.

Mobile marketing also covers banner advertising on mobile websites and Bluetooth Proximity marketing. This is a technique where a retail premises can send out marketing messages to passers-by via Bluetooth.

Read the posts below for lots of examples of how Mobile Marketing works. You can also view our detailed Mobile Marketing Guide.


With Easter coming, another great marketing opportunity is available for businesses that know how to get the right message out at the right time. With its fantastic reaction times, open rates and click through rates, SMS Marketing is a great way to increase profits and boost your brand during the Easter break, offering exceptional return on investment. In our latest infographic, we offer some simple ideas for how businesses in various sectors can make use of SMS Marketing.

Text messages can be a pretty powerful way of communicating with potential customers. They land directly in people's inbox and offer a clear and direct sales channel. They're also hugely popular. So how can you launch a successful SMS campaign for your business? These 10 steps should help you outline an effective plan.


Marketing campaigns must be carefully constructed to ensure that certain essential ingredients are there. The challenge with SMS is the incredibly limited amount of space, meaning it is harder to draft the perfect message. On the plus side, response times, open rates and click through rates are significantly higher than any comparable channel, making the extra effort worthwhile. So just what should always be included in your SMS Marketing messages? Here are three key ingredients.

When planning an SMS Marketing campaign, it is essential to understand character count. This affects both the length of messages that can be sent, as well as the number of units used and the cost of the campaign. Although an individual message is limited to 160 characters, the total maximum length available is a generous 459 characters as these longer messages are split up for sending before being seamlessly joined back together on the receiving handset. Here's all you need to know at a glance:...

Whether you offer spring cleaning services such as gardening or waste disposal, or have some great getaways for those who feel the need to spread their wings and fly away, there are some ideal spring phrases included here in this handy infographic. And of course, we've also found some phrases which are ideal for businesses in the health, beauty and fashion sectors, as well as personal finance. Take a look at this infographic to find the perfect phrase for your SMS Marketing campaign now.