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5 SMS stats to excite any business about SMS

SMS is simply the worst kept secret for successful business SMS communication. What started out as a few maverick corporate businesses testing the water by using SMS to talk to their customers, has turned into a mass global adoption of SMS as a business major B2C communication channel, for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

With the huge success of business SMS, businesses companies began to explore different ways they could utilise SMS into their business. From transactional SMS, to SMS reminders and notifications, to promotions and marketing, SMS has become the Swiss army knife of business communication.

There are thousands of stats and success stories around SMS flying around, like the whopping 98% open rate, or the fact that 90% of all text messages are read within the first 90 seconds. However we have chosen to talk about just five stats that you might not have heard before, but they should really get your mouth watering about all the possibilities that SMS represents for businesses.

78% of people wish they could have a text conversation with a business
(Source: RingCentral) 

We are now in an age where instant and convenience rule the world. No one wants to wait for anything and certainly not for a business to get back in contact with them. No more waiting for letters in the post, or long inconvenient voice calls, customers want instant communication via their preferred method, which is more than likely to be SMS.


84% of businesses who have invested in a mobile presence say that they see immediate and long-term benefits
(Source: web.com)

The proof seems to be in the pudding. Marketing and promotional SMS can see huge uplifts in sales, customer satisfaction numbers can rise massively and a business can work more efficiently and effectively by setting up automated SMS messages to complete their daily tasks.


SMS marketing grew by 92% for B2Cs and 197% for B2Bs from 2015 to 2017
(Source: Rebrandly)

For the last decade we have heard many times ‘This is the year of the mobile’. It continues to grow exponentially even now, we more and more businesses adopting business SMS.


SMS marketing campaigns perform 7 times better than email marketing campaigns
(Source: DSIM)

As we alluded to above, SMS frankly has an unrivalled open rate that simply no other channel of business communication can touch. With email open rates at around 10-20% compared to 98% for SMS, this stat really is no wonder.


80% of people use text messaging for business
(Source: Rebrandly)

What once was seen as purely a personal communication channel. SMS has now become widely adopted by businesses of all sectors and shapes and sizes, both by the business themselves and by the staff. 

Business SMS really does present an amazing opportunity for every business. Today communication with customers is so important, and SMS can really help make sure that any business are is communicating effectively.