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Business SMS

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Business SMS messaging is fast becoming an indispensable business tool for a number of applications across most business sectors. This blog category pulls together posts that illustrate this variety of uses.

SMS Marketing:

SMS marketing can be based on inbound campaigns or outbound campaigns or a combination of the two. Inbound campaigns are mainly intended to obtain opted in mobile numbers to be addressed in outbound campaigns. To persuade people to opt in a reward is usually offered – “text GIFT to 87007 for free gift” or “text VOTE plus your selection to 87007” or “text SUBSCRIBE to 87007 for latest news”. You can also buy opted in lists but building your own will almost always bring better results. Outbound campaigns can be used to send special offers, new product details, event invites or tips and hints.

Transactional Messaging

Another very common use for Business SMS is confirmation of transactions. So a customer can be sent SMS updates at each stage of a sale. Order received – order despatched – delivery Tuesday – delivery today between 11:25 and 12:15. How comforting it can be to get these confirmations especially if the customer is a bit nervous about online ordering. And of course that also boosts the brand image and encourages repeat business.

These are just a couple of the many uses of SMS messaging for business. There’s a wealth of other ideas here.

The posts listed below also focus different aspects of how businesses can profit from SMS text messaging.

As we all know SMS is an incredibly effective tool for businesses, whether it is being used for appointment reminders, customer support, important information, delivery notifications or marketing and promotions - SMS works incredibly well. In fact no matter what the message is, or what the business sector is, SMS has the ability to reach millions of customers, instantly and effectively in a simple click. SMS over the years has not really changed since the first message was sent over 25 years ago. The incredible open rate of 98%, makes it an incredibly powerful method of communication for businesses to communicate with their customers on. Simple straight to the point text, followed by a website link or call to action, means it is amazingly effective for businesses. But what if you could boost the conversion rate of your SMS campaign further? Our new feature SMS Web Pages lets you send a bespoke mobile landing...

You have read all the wonderful reviews about how customers are getting very positive experiences from SMS, and how businesses are receiving huge benefits and responses from business SMS. However, your SMS adventure has not quite lived up to your expectations, and not exactly gone to plan for you.   But why? Well, we take a look at some of the reasons why your SMS could be missing the mark. Not clearly stating who you are Seems an obvious one, however sometimes this can be missed. Make sure you set your Sender ID to your business name so your customers immediately know who the message is from and there is automatically some trust in the message. Also if you are sending from a virtual mobile number and are looking for replies, make sure you state who you are in the body of the message. Off the mark content Is your message too long? Are you using text speak?

SMS is fantastic for sending your customers important information that they need to read, such as SMS appointment reminders, account information, delivery notifications or customer support. Why? Because SMS boasts an incredible 98% open rate, and 95% of all text messages are read within the first 90 seconds (Source:Gartner). The text message is an instant and personal form of communication, making it very simple, convenient and effective for the tasks mentioned above like SMS appointment reminders. But how about for promoting your business? How about using SMS to promote your products or services? Send big bulk campaigns  In the press of a little send button, you can send a text message to your whole customer base, however big it is, with our system you can send 100’s of thousands of text messages in one send! And even better is that you know 95% of those customers will read your message in the first...

SMS has been around for many years now, in fact the first SMS was sent way back in 1992 by Neil Papworth, who sent ‘Merry Christmas’ to the Director of Vodafone Richard Jarvis. Since then the mobile phone has grown and grown in its importance, and is now it has become our best friend and never leaves our side. On average people check their mobile phone 150 times per day, spending around 177 minutes using them, with more than 90% of all smartphone users saying they have their phones within arms reach 24 hours a day, seven days a week (Source: Morgan Stanley). The mobile phone has changed a lot since it sent that first text message, from the huge, bulky mobile phones, to the introduction of the small, sleek and stylish smartphone. The smartphone has enabled us to, surf the internet, shop, watch movies, listen to music, anything and nearly everything...

Customer service and experience has never been more important for businesses. The customer support expectations have dramatically risen over the past number of years, and businesses are now frantically trying to find ways to improve the support they offer. But why have the levels of support and service that are now expected by customers risen? Instant millennials Millennials have grown up in a world with social media, Google and online shopping. Everything the world knows, instantly at their fingertips, which has led to their desire for everything to be instant.  This has led to a lot of change, from how we communicate with businesses, to how we watch television. Why watch it on television at 9pm on a Thursday night, when you can watch it on any device, at anytime on any day of the week? Why wait for an email, send a letter or get frustrated being put on hold, when you...