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sms marketing in retailBusiness SMS messaging is fast becoming an indispensable business tool for a number of applications across most business sectors. This blog category pulls together posts that illustrate this variety of uses.

SMS Marketing:

SMS marketing can be based on inbound campaigns or outbound campaigns or a combination of the two. Inbound campaigns are mainly intended to obtain opted in mobile numbers to be addressed in outbound campaigns. To persuade people to opt in a reward is usually offered – “text GIFT to 87007 for free gift” or “text VOTE plus your selection to 87007” or “text SUBSCRIBE to 87007 for latest news”. You can also buy opted in lists but building your own will almost always bring better results. Outbound campaigns can be used to send special offers, new product details, event invites or tips and hints.

Transactional Messaging

Another very common use for Business SMS is confirmation of transactions. So a customer can be sent SMS updates at each stage of a sale. Order received – order despatched – delivery Tuesday – delivery today between 11:25 and 12:15. How comforting it can be to get these confirmations especially if the customer is a bit nervous about online ordering. And of course that also boosts the brand image and encourages repeat business.

These are just a couple of the many uses of SMS messaging for business. There’s a wealth of other ideas here.

The posts listed below also focus different aspects of how businesses can profit from SMS text messaging.

Times are more turbulent than ever due to worldwide political, social and economic change. In the UK, this general uncertainty is even more pronounced as a result of the unresolved questions surrounding the issue of Brexit and its eventual impact on Britain’s relationship with mainland Europe and indeed beyond. However, there remains a lot to be optimistic about when it comes to British business. So which sectors are worth watching at the moment and how can they benefit from SMS Marketing?

In the second instalment of our visual A-Z of SMS Marketing, we follow on from our previous infographic on the topic of API integration with a new infographic that looks more closely at what is bulk messaging. We illustrate the cost effectiveness, explain the meaning of credits and messages, and take a look at the character limits available.  ...

With the vast majority of the population now owning a mobile phone and most adults keeping it within arm's reach almost all the time, it is the perfect place for businesses to reach both new and existing clients in real time, with SMS Marketing messages typically being read within minutes - if not seconds - of receipt. But what other benefits does SMS Marketing have to offer? In this infographic, we take a look at some of the most important features.

It may be up against competition from web-based instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger, but all the indications are that SMS is just as important as ever and is likely to remain a highly important channel for many more years to come. So why should you choose SMS Marketing to promote your business in 2018? In this infographic, we've shared 5 good reasons that you can take in at a glance.

Winter is historically peak season for mechanics, and the recent spell of arctic weather in the UK has seen breakdown numbers reach record levels. Even the most modern of cars can fall victim to the cold weather, meaning that as long as you can be found, there is money to be made. Whether used as a tool to retain existing clients or attract new clients, SMS Marketing has a lot to offer mechanics this winter. Here are some suggestions.