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data protection for sms messagingOne of the key reasons that SMS messaging is such a popular and effective communication method is its personal nature. When you send a text message you are using the same route as a person’s friends and family would use to contact them. You are directly messaging their phone which, unlike their laptop or landline, is almost always in their bag or pocket.

Not surprisingly this raises privacy and data protection issues when SMS is used for commercial purposes. The regulations imposed by the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) are strict but fortunately easy to understand and implement and make perfect sense. In essence the regulations say “If you want to send a text message to someone you don’t know you must get their permission first”. And as you would expect, if they change their minds and no longer wish to receive your messages then they must have an easy way to inform you and you must respect their request.

Data protection legislation applies equally to email correspondence but the battle has been lost! The amount of spam hitting our inboxes is past a joke and most marketing emails don’t get opened.

SMS marketing is still relatively spam-free which is why it still works incredibly well. So really the regulations are our friend!

This blog category puts in one place any posts we create on the topic of data protection and SMS. Equally if you want to discuss any issue or seek specific advice grab us on the live chat button or contact us by phone or email.


Any UK business that collects, stores and uses other people’s personal data for purposes such as marketing and selling is subject to the rules of the Data Protection Act, and those using SMS marketing are no exception. Having a basic understanding of the DPA legislation and its main requirements is useful to maintain best practice in direct marketing such as SMS marketing and also helps to uphold your hard won customer trust - as well as avoid the potentially costly consequences of falling foul of the law. Read this article to learn how to avoid the simple pitfalls and get your SMS marketing campaign off to the right start.


When conducting an SMS marketing campaign, there are a number of compliance regulations you should be aware of, to ensure that your communications are as effective as possible, without being potentially damaging to your campaign or your business. If you're marketing to a UK market, the UK Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) gives clear guidelines on what falls within the rules. Here we've highlighted some key tips to ensure your next campaign is compliant, based on common questions that arise.


The regulations about SMS marketing are quite clear. But sometimes people, and companies, can make mistakes. Find out what happened to a company that reacted poorly to the ICO’s request for information, and how it made their situation so much worse.


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