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The range of SMS solutions provided by Fastsms will meet the needs of virtually all users and applications.

The most commonly used, and most feature rich solution is our browser based 2 way SMS messaging system. Accessed through your browser it enables you to send single messages, multiple messages to groups or distribution lists, bulk SMS via campaigns, with many options for customisation and message scheduling. It receives messages using either Virtual Mobile Numbers or Shortcodes and offers sophisticated handling of inbound messages using keywords.

We also offer an HTTP or XML API for developers to integrate Fastsms functionality directly into their software applications. Email to SMS also makes it easy to integrate SMS into applications that can generate emails. Emails to SMS can also be used to send SMS messages from any email client and OMS (Outlook Messaging Service) fully integrates with both Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010.

You can read about these solutions in the posts below or by clicking here. Alternatively, you can simply try out all of these great solutions for free by signing up for a free trial. And if you need advice on which solution will meet your needs best, just click on the chat button below and we’ll ask a few questions so we can figure out the right answer and get you started.

In recent years various NHS trusts have used SMS messaging to remind clients of their appointments - and have saved the NHS thousands of pounds already. With the number of missed appointments at an all time high across the NHS, the cost of these no-shows has a huge impact on the vital services that the NHS provides, for both the organisation and its patients. Read on to learn how SMS Messaging is saving the NHS thousands.

When you start using SMS marketing, one of the first decisions you need to make is whether or not you’ll need to get replies. If you do, then you’ll need to decide between shortcodes and a virtual mobile number (VMN, also called longcode). If you don’t, then that’s alright too.


Did you know you can send more than text in an SMS message? Well, technically it isn’t an SMS message if it isn’t text. Instead, the multimedia messaging service, or MMS for short, is an extension of the SMS core functionality. It allows you to send short videos (40 seconds or less), images or audio over mobile networks just like an SMS message.


For a while now we've had keywords on shortcodes and virtual mobile numbers (VMNs). This latest update lets you manage your keywords on our shortcode and your VMNs in exactly the same way. We've made it easy to search and reserve your keywords from right in NetMessenger. And because...