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NetMessenger: A tale of updates, lower prices, and awesomeness

NetMessenger is our web-based SMS service that lets you send, receive, and manage your text messages from anywhere. Most of our customers use it (the rest use one of our other SMS solutions), so we’re always looking for ways to make it better for them. Last spring we released a set of updates based on customers’ requests and added functionality we knew they would like. There’s another update on the way, and a few other exciting announcements waiting in the wings, so I thought I’d share the latest before we make NetMessenger even better in the coming months.


For a while now we’ve had keywords on shortcodes and virtual mobile numbers (VMNs). This latest update lets you manage your keywords on our shortcode and your VMNs in exactly the same way. We’ve made it easy to search and reserve your keywords from right in NetMessenger. And because we’re so happy about finally getting this all integrated, we’re offering lower prices for keywords on our shortcode. Each keyword is just £25 per month. And if you purchase a keyword for 12 months, you’ll get it for the price of 10!

Isn’t that great? Of course shortcode keywords have limited availability. If you haven’t reserved yours yet we recommend you do so right away. The special pricing of 12 months for the cost of 10 will be still around later, but the keywords you need may not be. So don’t wait!

"...the awesome that is the Advanced Send"

Awesomeness. The above quote from our support pages says it like it is. We’ve added an advanced send feature for anyone that wants to be able to send messages to multiple lists, groups, and individuals all at the same time.

This change is a big improvement for anyone needing to send the same message to a variety of people or lists. An example might be a school notifying staff, students, and parents of schedule changes or closures. You can send to as many people, lists or groups as you need to for any message. We don’t put any limitations on how you can use the Advanced Send.

Managing your messaging and folders

So you’ve been sending and receiving lots of messages. It’s getting a bit crowded in your inbox isn’t it? While you’ve always been able to do certain actions with your messages, this latest update makes it even easier to do what you need to in order to stay organised. For example you can filter messages based on status, number or tag. Speaking of tags, you can quickly assign messages to tags, or create ones right there if you need to.

If you’ve ever deleted a message, you’ve probably realised you still needed one right after you clicked the delete button. To save you from such tragedies, we’ve added the ability to remove messages from your inbox by archiving them. This lets you sweep them aside and out of the inbox without permanently deleting them. Instead you’ll have a copy you can keep if you ever need to look them up again.

These are just a few of the enhancements we’ve made in the last year. We’ve got more on the way but you’ll have to wait and see.

Not a customer yet? All these great features are available with a free account. Just click the green “Free Account” button at the top of the page to get started, or find one of us on the live chat and we’ll answer all your questions.

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