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API stands for Application Programming Interface and describes a set of software components that enable two software systems to work together.

Fastsms offer two different API solutions, HTTP and XML, which make it relatively easy for our two way SMS messaging system to work together with a third party software application that needs to send and/or receive text messages.

Typically this will be a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System or a monitoring and alert system or simply an add on to report customer transactions, such as renewals, deliveries, etc., to the customer instantly.

In this new A-Z of SMS Marketing, we explore every aspect of this highly effective and low cost marketing solution. In this infographic we look at the letter A, which stands for API Integration. One of the key features of the Fastsms system is the seamless, out of the box integration it offers with industry leading CRM platforms including WHMCS, SMI, APIANT, Rba, AdaptUX, Itris and Zapier. Take a look at this infographic to learn more.  ...

Can your business benefit from A2P SMS? According to recent research the answer is yes. See the industries that are using it and how the convenient and easy to use fastsms API can get you started, even if you don’t want to code.


When you send an SMS message, do you ever wonder what happens after you hit the Send button? The message goes on a crazy trip, extremely fast, to get to the mobile you were trying to reach. The details of that journey vary a little depending on how you sent the message and the recipient, but most of the messages will travel through at least one SMS gateway to get to their destination. But what exactly is an SMS gateway anyway? In many respects it's as simple as the name implies: a gateway. Various mobile carriers all have their own computer systems and networks. In order for SMS messages to travel between networks, it has to leave one carrier's network and enter into another's gateway where it then is sorted and sent along its way. When you send messages from your mobile, your network takes care of all that sorting for...