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We do our best to bring you the latest news from the world of SMS and Mobile Marketing which is especially important to the success of retail marketing. As SMS messaging becomes ever more widely adopted we expect to offer you a steady supply of SMS news so why not subscribe to our blog?

We will include info on new products and services in the mobile market. We will share usage statistics showing which operators are growing or losing out. What devices are proving popular and which are flops. Also reports from industry events, product launches, exhibitions and anything else we think you might find interesting.

We’ll also keep you up to date with what is happening inside Fastsms. Changes to the product range, new technologies, special offers and our plans for the future. We’ll include changes or additions to the team as well.

And if you want to share your stories with us please leave your comments below.

SMS is fantastic for sending your customers important information that they need to read, such as SMS appointment reminders, account information, delivery notifications or customer support. Why? Because SMS boasts an incredible 98% open rate, and 95% of all text messages are read within the first 90 seconds (Source:Gartner). The text message is an instant and personal form of communication, making it very simple, convenient and effective for the tasks mentioned above like SMS appointment reminders. But how about for promoting your business? How about using SMS to promote your products or services? Send big bulk campaigns  In the press of a little send button, you can send a text message to your whole customer base, however big it is, with our system you can send 100’s of thousands of text messages in one send! And even better is that you know 95% of those customers will read your message in the first...

The retail sector is an extremely competitive industry, with huge established organisations improving and building every day, and eager exciting new start-ups cropping up all the time – competition is fierce. With competition being so fierce, retailers are always looking for ways to build and develop their business, and ultimately get ahead of their competition. Obviously there are various ways to do this from a retail avenue, new and better products, lower prices, improved delivery options, nicer brand design and improved faster website.  However, something that can really make the difference and have a massive impact to any and every business, is the customer experience. Customer experience really is the hot topic in business this year, as customer expectations have grown and excellent customer service and experience has become more regularly expected to be provided by any business. Word of mouth has always been one of the most powerful ways to market a business, by having...

The Black Friday madness is well underway, with the majority of the big retailers starting their usual Black Friday week campaigns yesterday, from Amazon to John Lewis, Black Friday is certainly showing no signs of slowing down this year! Every year the Black Friday sales figures unbelievably get bigger and bigger. However last years stats showed the retail industry a very interesting trend, not surprisingly perhaps, but online retail sales in the UK hit the dizzying heights of £1.4 Billion on the Friday alone. Interestingly, of that £1.4 Billion, 39% was purchased through a smartphone, meaning that the smartphone is now the preferred number one device overtaking desktops and tablets. So any and every retailer hoping to have a successful Black Friday, needs to make sure they have their mobile marketing plan in place, as the mobile is again set to be the main device again this year.   We have written a Black...

Black Friday is the biggest and best time of year for retailers, customers are actively looking for the best deals and bargains, and want to hear from their favourite brands and shops about what they have got on offer. With all this in mind we have written a helpful guide on how you can make sure your business has an amazing, successful Black Friday. Filled with great tips and facts on everything about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the best times to send and what to send - this guide is not to be missed. Black Friday Marketing Guide - Read here As well as this, we have decided to have a Black Friday offer of our own. Helping you send out more mobile marketing messages over November to get those extra sales. Our Black Friday SMS Offer Any purchase over 1,000 credits will receive an extra 15% free sms credits! The offer can be...

It is no secret that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest days of the year for retailers across the globe. Incredibly every year the manic retail sales days seem to outperform the last, more promotion, more traffic, more customers and ultimately bigger sales figures. Online sales was the winner for retailers this year, with a whopping £1.4 Billion spent in online sales in the UK on Black Friday. Which was up an incredible 11.7% on last years figures!  However the real winner, was the mobile phone. As 39% of those £1.4 Billion online sales was through the smartphone, as the mobile phone became the dominant device again beating the desktop and tablets to the lion share of the online sales. Black Friday 2017 stats 11.7% year-on-year growth Average basket values up by 4.9% Traffic to retail websites was up by 6.7% (Source: IMRG)   So how do you make the most out of Black Friday? Well looking...

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