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Should you promote your business and services by SMS?

SMS is fantastic for sending your customers important information that they need to read, such as SMS appointment reminders, account information, delivery notifications or customer support. Why? Because SMS boasts an incredible 98% open rate, and 95% of all text messages are read within the first 90 seconds (Source:Gartner).

The text message is an instant and personal form of communication, making it very simple, convenient and effective for the tasks mentioned above like SMS appointment reminders. But how about for promoting your business? How about using SMS to promote your products or services?

Benefits of SMS marketing

Send big bulk campaigns 
In the press of a little send button, you can send a text message to your whole customer base, however big it is, with our system you can send 100’s of thousands of text messages in one send! And even better is that you know 95% of those customers will read your message in the first 90 seconds – this makes SMS marketing very powerful.

Quick and easy
SMS marketing is quick and easy, no need for a designer to spend days creating images, no need for copywriters to perfect reams of text. You can send your SMS campaign out quickly and easily.

Send direct trackable links
With some types of marketing you have to ask your customers to type in your website address, or dial your phone number to get in contact, not with SMS marketing. You can send your customers direct links to your website and specific products or services. Even better is with our clever system you can track exactly who has clicked your links.

Cost effective 
SMS marketing allows you to reach your customers cost effectively. No need for expensive designers, or expensive print material, with FastSMS you can send 1,000 text messages for just £38.

Send personalised messages
Personalisation is key when it comes to marketing. Yes with SMS marketing you can send text messages to include your customers name, quickly and easily. But you need to go further than that, and send your customers products and services that they will be interested in. Segment your database of customers into different contact groups depending on their interests, previous purchases, age or sex. By sending your customers more relevant content, your will receive a bigger response.

We are now at a point where businesses are asking if there is anything that SMS cannot be used for? With the huge successes businesses are experiencing with SMS, they are rolling the method of communication out across their whole business.

If your business has not yet started to use SMS to market and promote your business, then you really are missing a massive opportunity.

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