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A Virtual Mobile Number, commonly shortened to VMN, looks like a normal 11 digit mobile number, 07xxx xxxxxx, but only accepts text messages which it delivers to the inbox of your Fastsms messaging system.

It can be published as a general purpose textline enabling clients and other parties to text in to your company as an alternative to voice or fax or email. It can be associated with your outbound SMS messages so that replies can be made back to you in response to your campaigns. They can be used in conjunction with keywords which enables a specific action to take place in response to the keyword.

The following pages will offer many ideas on how a VMN can be used in your organisation.

Short codes and virtual mobile numbers are fantastic features that can help take your SMS customer communication to the next level. Both allow your customers to text and communicate with you but in different ways. Virtual Mobile Numbers A virtual mobile number or long code, is an 11 digit virtual mobile number that allows customers to reply to your text messages and also allows them to text and engage with you. This means that you can have two way conversations with your customers through text message. Great for customer support or allowing customers to reply to appointment reminders to confirm, cancel or change the date and time. An easy, quick and convenient way for customers to have conversations with your business. You can also promote this virtual number across your website and business material letting customers know that they can text you at any time. Short codes A short code is a specific chosen word by...

There is always more than meets the eye when it comes to business SMS, it seems every day there are new and innovative ways that businesses are harnessing the power of the mobile phone for the good of their business.  The mobile phone has become such an integral part of our everyday lives, it is now our much-preferred method of contact. So businesses are now trying to find ways to enhance their own mobile explorations, finding that business SMS can answer many of their business needs and requirements, whilst also improving on their existing methods, whether that be through cost, efficiency or effectiveness.   Virtual Mobile Numbers Virtual mobile numbers are nothing new but are a fantastic feature of business SMS. Letting your business have its own unique virtual mobile number, which allows your customers to not only reply to your text messages, but also text you. This means you can have a text conversation...

In our latest infographic, we present a simple and easy to follow overview of how you can use the Fastsms platform to manage your SMS Marketing replies online. As well as receiving responses from customers via a Virtual Mobile Number (VMN), you can also set up shortcodes to help filter and categorise responses. If you really want to take things to the next level, a keyword on our dedicated shortcode can unlock even more opportunities and help to build a campaign that integrates across your entire marketing strategy. Want to learn more? Check out the infographic below!  ...

For businesses across all industries, gathering data is vital to ongoing success. Whether you want to understand the mentality of your target market or use existing customer experiences to tailor future products and services, accessing information is essential. Obtaining this kind of data face-to-face can be expensive and complicated, however. SMS marketing has proven to be extremely effective in terms of reach and you should, therefore, be able to contact a large number of people as and when you need to.