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A Virtual Mobile Number, commonly shortened to VMN, looks like a normal 11 digit mobile number, 07xxx xxxxxx, but only accepts text messages which it delivers to the inbox of your Fastsms messaging system.

It can be published as a general purpose textline enabling clients and other parties to text in to your company as an alternative to voice or fax or email. It can be associated with your outbound SMS messages so that replies can be made back to you in response to your campaigns. They can be used in conjunction with keywords which enables a specific action to take place in response to the keyword.

The following pages will offer many ideas on how a VMN can be used in your organisation.

SMS marketing has come a long way since its introduction to mainstream marketing back in the early 2000’s. As well as dramatic changes in technology, there have also been sweeping changes to the laws governing this powerful and popular form of marketing. With its low cost, high ROI and tremendous versatility, it can now benefit almost every sector. But all this aside, the fundamental rules for successful campaigns remain largely unchanged. So just what are the big do’s and dont’s of SMS marketing? Read this article for six top tips from our team that will help you unlock the key to SMS success


Ask most individuals and they will tell you that they generally use SMS messaging for personal communications. For B2B marketers, this single assumption often leads to this powerful channel being completely ignored. Whilst it may be true that most messages sent by individuals are indeed personal in nature, this is not necessarily the same for messages they receive. Read on to learn why SMS messaging has huge potential in B2B marketing and how to use it to increase ROI and engagement.


Despite a greater than ever demand for playschool places, many sessions remain unfilled due to the varied hours that parents and carers choose to book, as well as other factors such as illness, holidays and routine appointments. Empty spaces are not just an inconvenience when it comes to staff scheduling - they are also valuable sales opportunities. So how can you make sure your nursery fills those empty spaces and maximises profits? The answer lies in SMS messaging.


Whether you have a VMN or a shortcode, you probably want to use keywords for your SMS marketing. In Part 2 of this series you’ll find out how to pick keywords and what can happen if you don’t follow those general guidelines.