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The benefits of virtual mobile numbers and short code SMS

There is always more than meets the eye when it comes to business SMS, it seems every day there are new and innovative ways that businesses are harnessing the power of the mobile phone for the good of their business. 

The mobile phone has become such an integral part of our everyday lives, it is now our much-preferred method of contact. So businesses are now trying to find ways to enhance their own mobile explorations, finding that business SMS can answer many of their business needs and requirements, whilst also improving on their existing methods, whether that be through cost, efficiency or effectiveness.


Virtual Mobile Numbers
Virtual mobile numbers are nothing new but are a fantastic feature of business SMS. Letting your business have its own unique virtual mobile number, which allows your customers to not only reply to your text messages, but also text you.

This means you can have a text conversation with your customers, which is not only a quicker method of communication than email, but also more convenient.

You can also configure your virtual mobile number to allow your staff to have SMS conversations through their work email accounts. Email to SMS enables your business to send and receive SMS messages through any email platform. Your customers know no difference. These means that your staff can manage their email and SMS communications from one inbox. For more information on our email to SMS service please take a look here.

Benefits of virtual mobile numbers
– Enables you to receive replies
– Allows customers to text you
– Own bespoke mobile number
– Can integrate with your email platform to enable you to send and receive text messages 


Short Code SMS
A short code is a 5-digit text number that allows your customers text in to your business, using a short code number such as 87007 when applied with a keyword. For example…

“Text SUPPORT to 87007 and one of our customer support technicians will ring you as soon as possible”

Short code and keywords are great for many things, however they often get used for competitions, events, customer support like in the example above, loyalty programmes and allowing customers to ask you for more information. You can then either send out follow up messages manually when someone texts your keyword, or setup automated responses.

Benefits of short code
– Allows customers to text you
– Quick and easy for customers
– Short and memorable number helps to uplift any marketing exploits
– Setup automated responses 


If you would like to discuss how virtual mobile numbers or short code SMS can help your business, please do get in touch or sign up for your free account here