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Software and systems developers find it easy to use the fastsms API (Applications Programme Interface) to build SMS messaging capability into their applications. Increasingly solutions which have the capability of sending and receiving emails need the ability to handle inbound and outbound SMS text messages. As well as being offered two varieties of API – HTTP and XML – legacy systems can use the Email to SMS solution to send and receive texts without any change in the software itself other than changing the format of emails sent.

Fastsms recognise the value that developers bring to us and will whatever it takes to get you up and running. We provide technical guides, sample code and hands-on support to get you up and running. Furthermore we offer an Affiliate Scheme so that developers can receive payment for their customers usage of fastsms for the life of their account. We really welcome enquiries from developers so get in touch if you have an idea we can help you develop.

In this new A-Z of SMS Marketing, we explore every aspect of this highly effective and low cost marketing solution. In this infographic we look at the letter A, which stands for API Integration. One of the key features of the Fastsms system is the seamless, out of the box integration it offers with industry leading CRM platforms including WHMCS, SMI, APIANT, Rba, AdaptUX, Itris and Zapier. Take a look at this infographic to learn more.  ...

Wеb dеѕіgn and digital marketing are lucrative but hugely competitive areas of buѕіnеѕѕ and in the modern marketplace, technology plays a central role to the success of both. Successful agencies large and small are able to harness the power of individuals with high levels of training and exceptional skills to deliver a service that has almost unlimited potential in today’s digital age. Many, however, have yet to discover the power of adding SMS Marketing to the mix. Read on to learn more.

Is SMS messaging a good investment of your business’ time and money? A report from Mobile Ecosystem Forum shares some data on how SMS is being used, who is using it, and provides some evidence showing the answer to that question is most likely “Yes”!


Can your business benefit from A2P SMS? According to recent research the answer is yes. See the industries that are using it and how the convenient and easy to use fastsms API can get you started, even if you don’t want to code.