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So the first of the May bank holiday weekends has finished and the next one is just around the corner.These three day weekends are great opportunities for marketing and can see spikes in sales for all manner of businesses, not just in travel and tourism but also in many other sectors. With two long weekends in close succession, staying ahead of the game with your SMS Marketing can be a challenge - so here are some tips to make sure that you are ready to make the most of the opportunity.


Christmas is a great time to take advantage of the incredible power of SMS Marketing - an effective and low cost marketing solution that offers high ROI. So what are the secrets to a successful Christmas SMS Marketing campaign? We've presented some top tips from our team of experts in this festive inforgraphic.

With the UK population addicted to their mobile phones, SMS Marketing is far superior to email marketing in terms of open rates, conversions and overall ROI. The key to a successful campaign lies in following some simple steps. In this handy infographic, we present the 10 steps to launch a successful SMS Marketing campaign.

The digital age has seen a rise in demand for business coaches to aid you in every aspect of your entrepreneurial efforts. From money mindset to technological solutions, earning passive income and attracting high-paying clients, these days there's a coach for everything. But running a coaching business isn't as simple as the hype would suggest. SMS marketing is the perfect way of supercharging your promotion of your coaching business, here's how.


For businesses across all industries, gathering data is vital to ongoing success. Whether you want to understand the mentality of your target market or use existing customer experiences to tailor future products and services, accessing information is essential. Obtaining this kind of data face-to-face can be expensive and complicated, however. SMS marketing has proven to be extremely effective in terms of reach and you should, therefore, be able to contact a large number of people as and when you need to.