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Fastsms can deliver text messages to over 500 operators in over 200 countries and that number is increasing all the time. Virtual Mobile Numbers and/or SMS Shortcodes are not available in some countries but where they are Fastsms can source them for you to provide inbound messaging capabilities. If you need this capability please get in touch with our support team.

In most cases a text message sent to a non-UK destination will use up two text message credits – UK messages consume a single message credit of course. However if you are looking to send high volumes of messages to a specific country we may be able to make special arrangements for you, so contact support to discuss.

The great thing about SMS messaging is how simple it is. You just type, click send, and the other person gets the message almost instantly. But there’s more going on in that simplicity than you might realise. Each message has different parts. Let’s look at them individually so you’ll understand everything that goes into your message when you hit “send”.


When you send an SMS message, do you ever wonder what happens after you hit the Send button? The message goes on a crazy trip, extremely fast, to get to the mobile you were trying to reach. The details of that journey vary a little depending on how you sent the message and the recipient, but most of the messages will travel through at least one SMS gateway to get to their destination. But what exactly is an SMS gateway anyway? In many respects it's as simple as the name implies: a gateway. Various mobile carriers all have their own computer systems and networks. In order for SMS messages to travel between networks, it has to leave one carrier's network and enter into another's gateway where it then is sorted and sent along its way. When you send messages from your mobile, your network takes care of all that sorting for...

Earlier this year there was big news. WhatsApp users were sending more messages each day than SMS users were sending. According to the Telegraph, WhatsApp was 50% more popular than SMS messaging. And the truth is the number of SMS messages sent each day has declined over the last few years. In the UK it was down almost 25% from 2012 to 2013. But is that the whole picture?