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Fastsms is an operating division of Internet Services Group, NetSecrets Ltd. Since 2002 Fastsms has been providing premium business SMS services to organisations large and small through its cloud based network which offers 100% availability.

To send SMS messages, whether singly or by the million, Fastsms offers a range of solutions. NetMessenger is a browser based platform with an extensive range of features for sending, receiving and managing SMS messaging. The Fastsms API (Applications Programme Interface) enables developers to integrate SMS messaging directly into their software and systems. Email to SMS is available to those who want to send and receive text messages within their email client.

2018 was a huge, amazing year here at FastSMS. We welcomed lots of new staff to our already fantastic team, and we were purchased by the European communication giants, Commify. Our new owners are experts and specialists in business communications, meaning we have the perfect team and support to help us build, develop and improve FastSMS. 2019 looks to be even bigger, better and more exciting! We have lots of new and exciting projects in the pipeline for the year, from new tools, features and services all to make your business communications experience even better. The power and might of the mobile is only continuing to grow, with industry experts saying yet again ‘This is the year of the mobile’ and businesses investing more time into getting their customers’ mobile experience right.   There is also lots of talk from businesses and thought leaders around customer experience, and how mobile can help improve this,...

SMS was once considered to be a dead technology, but the humble text message has proved it’s around for the long haul. And what with Nokia reintroducing the iconic 3310 with its never-ending battery life and non-smart interface, straightforward texting fits right into our busy lifestyles.


As a small to medium-sized enterprise, you will always be looking for ways of expanding your marketing outreach and public relations efforts without too much additional cost to your company. Chances are your budget is tight and you are limited in the extent in which you can advertise too. That's where SMS comes in.


It’s been an exciting year here at fastsms. We’ve pulled the highlights together and asked Operations Director Sandy Burt to give us his thoughts on this year, and what he’s looking forward to in 2017.


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