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Fastsms is an operating division of Internet Services Group, NetSecrets Ltd. Since 2002 Fastsms has been providing premium business SMS services to organisations large and small through its cloud based network which offers 100% availability.

To send SMS messages, whether singly or by the million, Fastsms offers a range of solutions. NetMessenger is a browser based platform with an extensive range of features for sending, receiving and managing SMS messaging. The Fastsms API (Applications Programme Interface) enables developers to integrate SMS messaging directly into their software and systems. Email to SMS is available to those who want to send and receive text messages within their email client.

When you send an SMS message, do you ever wonder what happens after you hit the Send button? The message goes on a crazy trip, extremely fast, to get to the mobile you were trying to reach. The details of that journey vary a little depending on how you sent the message and the recipient, but most of the messages will travel through at least one SMS gateway to get to their destination. But what exactly is an SMS gateway anyway? In many respects it's as simple as the name implies: a gateway. Various mobile carriers all have their own computer systems and networks. In order for SMS messages to travel between networks, it has to leave one carrier's network and enter into another's gateway where it then is sorted and sent along its way. When you send messages from your mobile, your network takes care of all that sorting for...

This month the fastsms team celebrates a special anniversary. Aimee Ward, our Customer Services Manager, has been with us for 10 years. We thought we could make it extra special and show how much we appreciate her by featuring her in a blog post.

For a while now we've had keywords on shortcodes and virtual mobile numbers (VMNs). This latest update lets you manage your keywords on our shortcode and your VMNs in exactly the same way. We've made it easy to search and reserve your keywords from right in NetMessenger. And because...