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A FastSMS 10 year anniversary interview

This month the fastsms team celebrates a special anniversary. Aimee Ward, our Customer Services Manager, has been with us for 10 years. We thought we could make it extra special and show how much we appreciate her by featuring her in a blog post.

We interviewed her to find out why she’s stayed with us so long, and why our customers love her so much!

Q: Could you describe your role at fastsms? What do you do?

Aimee: Here at fastsms I provide help and advice to customers, whether this be by phone, email or our online chat feature. I help our customers daily with every aspect of their account to ensure the service we provide them with is a happy one 🙂

I provide support for all customers, whether they’re an international organisation using fastsms across their business or have a more personal need for a professional service.

Q: Why have you stayed with fastsms for 10 years?

Aimee: My first answer to this would be enjoyment. The environment we work in is always hard-working, but also fun and I love what I do.

I see myself as a people person, so getting the opportunity to speak to and help our new and existing customers makes every day different, challenging and exciting, There are so many new products and services which we build and develop, I’d be crazy not to stay to see what the future brings.

Fastsms have also invested a lot of time in me, so the least I can do is repay that with my time and dedication. To be honest I don’t know where 10 years has gone!!

Amy and champagne

Q: What is your favourite part of working for fastsms?

Aimee: fastsms isn’t like working for any ordinary company, it’s fast paced, fun, and always keeps me motivated. Some people dread going to work, but because I love what I do and the most importantly the people I work with, I have nothing to dread but in fact look forward to it 🙂

Our social events are ALWAYS good fun too!!

Q: Fastsms is a family business, do you feel like part of the family?

Aimee: Most definitely yes! Since the day I started I have been made to feel part of the family 🙂 I don’t just have a working relationship with the family members but a strong friendship with all of them too. We’ve all been there for each other through the major milestones in life.

Q: What is the coolest thing you've been able to do during your time with fastsms?

Aimee: Because fastsms have believed in me, I achieved so many amazing things in my time here. Job development, completing NVQ’s, new long lasting friendships, amazing holidays, becoming a home owner, a wedding….the list is endless and it’s down to the generosity from fastsms.

Next we wanted to talk with Operations Director Sandy Burt to see why fastsms is so happy to have had Aimee with us for 10 years.

Q: Why do you think Aimee has stayed with you for so long?

Sandy: Aimee is our longest serving employee and has seen many changes in the products and services offered over the years; other employees have come and gone and we’ve had 3 different offices. As with any change there is often uncertainty, but I believe Aimee has trusted that we will make the right changes at the right time and has always been kept in the loop with as much information as possible.

Q: What things have you done to keep her around?

Sandy: When Aimee agreed to come to work for us we were both keen for her to have a clear training and development plan, this started with NVQ’s in Customer Services and a number of other courses to develop communication skills. As Aimee’s skills and experience have grown she’s been trusted with greater responsibilities taking her from Administration Assistant to Customer Services Manager where she now ensures customer satisfaction.

Q: What is it about Aimee that customers love so much?

Sandy: Like Aimee, we have many customers who have been with us for 10 years or more. They have a long standing relationship with Aimee who they trust to help them get the most out of the services we offer. Aimee has built this trust by always being friendly, available and attentive and making sure queries are answered as quickly as possible.

Fastsms is fortunate to have great people like Aimee working for us. Our customers love her and we hope you can see why from this interview.

Thank you for a great 10 years Aimee!

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