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SMS messaging is great for sending out alerts and reminders that generally get immediate attention from the recipient. This is very useful for service operations to keep in touch with their clients either on a regular basis or in an emergency.

So when a service is due, or an MOT in the case of vehicle service, it is a great idea to send a series of reminders before the service is due. This helps the customer and also helps ensure they come to you for the service, not a third party. Equally SMS is ideal for notifying customers of product recalls.

In coordination with your sales department you can also send out new product announcements, upgrade opportunities, and promote events such as free trials or demonstrations. See below more examples of how this helps you keep in touch.

SMS marketing is one of the most popular forms of communication when it comes to efficient, cost effective customer contact. SMS marketing allows businesses to connect directly with their customers and customers the opportunity to contact your business at a time that suits them. Across several sectors including hospitality, leisure, and retail to name but a few, businesses are making improvements to their customer experience offering through effective SMS marketing. Here we've listed out some of the key ways SMS marketing can help to improve your customer experience offering.


When the glass ceiling on your annual turnover and profits is governed by the number of hours you have to trade, it's even more important to ensure your marketing strategies are as fruitful and affordable as possible. SMS marketing appears, at first blush, to require a lot in the way of technology, budget and management, but it's incredibly successful for small businesses in service industries - even the ones with small budgets and limited resources...

Most car dealerships and garages already have almost everything in place to start an effective SMS marketing campaign. When customers go into a car garage to have a service or a MOT done, they almost always give the dealership their mobile phone number. The reason for this is simple: if a customer is bringing their car in to get checked and they don't want to wait around for any work to be carried out, they'll simply head into town or run a few errands, until the garage gives them a call on their mobile to let them know the work has been done. That means most garages will have a healthy amount of mobile numbers already in their database, but quite often a garage will overlook the potential that their database of contacts presents.


If you are the owner-manager of a UK retail business, then you will know that it’s vital to use every weapon you have available to battle with the big guns on the high street and online. That must include embracing all the advantages modern technology provides, including a communications campaign based on the Short Message Service (SMS) – better known as text messages. Not sure what SMS is about and how it will work for your shop? Then read on, because you are missing a golden opportunity to give your small shop a much bigger presence and outreach.


Every organisation needs to streamline its operations, reduce waste and operate on “lean” principles; from global pharmaceutical companies to local GP surgeries. SMS provides superb value for money in the way it reaches and engages stakeholders. Messages go straight into the hands of the right person in an unmissable way. Backed by an SMS provider in the UK familiar with public and private healthcare, systems can be created to use text messages to save money and time.


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