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The SMS Buyers Guide is an independently produced guide to the questions you should ask when selecting a provider of SMS messaging services.

Fastsms are one of a small group of providers who “tick all the boxes” needed for supply of reliable and affordable text messages. The guide will open your eyes to some of the poor quality services on the market, primarily those who do not use Premium SMS direct connections to handle messaging. Indirect connections or “grey” routes work to a degree but many messages never arrive and, more seriously, many are delayed meaning the prospect you are trying to sell to might be woken at 3.00 am by a message from you!

SMS marketing is one of the most effective mobile marketing channels available. It’s also one of the easiest to measure your performance for every campaign, even every message. Read the full blog to discover the three of the basic metrics you’ll need to know to evaluate your success.


New SMS providers are popping up all the time. Sometimes they make outrageous claims and offer inferior services called “economy” messaging. Read about one recent example, and why using economy routes will likely cost you more money in the long run.