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Bulk SMS is the term used to describe the sending of a single text message to multiple users. It could be used to refer to a hundred messages or a million although we generally think in terms of bulk messaging referring to tens of thousands of messages at least. There can be some customisation of the message, a bit like a mail merge, where name and other personalised details can be blended into a standard message template.

Because of its nature bulk SMS is most used for mass marketing, sending out special offers, discount coupons or important news to an opted in SMS mailing list. It can also be used to send out alerts – bad weather, road closures, equipment failure and so forth. A key element is usually fast delivery and reliability of delivery. You want to be sure the information is received quickly rather than arriving after the event, or worse still, not at all.

For smaller, independent galleries who are ready to innovate and adopt new approaches, the time has never been better to reach out to those in search of new experiences in the arts and culture sector. One way art galleries can extend their reach and attract new visitors is through SMS Marketing, a simple and cost effective channel that has proven to be extremely effective. In this article, we look at five ways independent art galleries can make the most of the medium.

Marketing campaigns must be carefully constructed to ensure that certain essential ingredients are there. The challenge with SMS is the incredibly limited amount of space, meaning it is harder to draft the perfect message. On the plus side, response times, open rates and click through rates are significantly higher than any comparable channel, making the extra effort worthwhile. So just what should always be included in your SMS Marketing messages? Here are three key ingredients.

When planning an SMS Marketing campaign, it is essential to understand character count. This affects both the length of messages that can be sent, as well as the number of units used and the cost of the campaign. Although an individual message is limited to 160 characters, the total maximum length available is a generous 459 characters as these longer messages are split up for sending before being seamlessly joined back together on the receiving handset. Here's all you need to know at a glance:...

In the second instalment of our visual A-Z of SMS Marketing, we follow on from our previous infographic on the topic of API integration with a new infographic that looks more closely at what is bulk messaging. We illustrate the cost effectiveness, explain the meaning of credits and messages, and take a look at the character limits available.  ...

As well as being low cost and offering excellent response rates, SMS Marketing continues to engage customers in a personal way that no other channel has been able to replicate. It is great even for those who have not joined the smartphone trend and moved to mobile browsing as it is supported by every mobile phone - giving you have direct access to close to 90% of the UK's adult population. Check out this handy infographic to learn more about why you really should be using SMS Marketing in 2018.