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Bulk SMS is the term used to describe the sending of a single text message to multiple users. It could be used to refer to a hundred messages or a million although we generally think in terms of bulk messaging referring to tens of thousands of messages at least. There can be some customisation of the message, a bit like a mail merge, where name and other personalised details can be blended into a standard message template.

Because of its nature bulk SMS is most used for mass marketing, sending out special offers, discount coupons or important news to an opted in SMS mailing list. It can also be used to send out alerts – bad weather, road closures, equipment failure and so forth. A key element is usually fast delivery and reliability of delivery. You want to be sure the information is received quickly rather than arriving after the event, or worse still, not at all.

As the UK continues along its ‘roadmap to freedom’, initial signs are positive. Retail sales and online job advertisements have returned to almost pre-pandemic levels, following an ‘online boom’ in sales and growing business confidence.   While many companies are busy welcoming customers back to their premises, it’s important businesses are honest about the difficulties ahead. 72% of consumers have changed stores, brands or the way that they shop since the onset of the pandemic, so for businesses hoping to successfully navigate recovery, it would be naive to think marketing strategies could simply be relaunched.  Consumer behaviour will continue to evolve, consequently, so must the marketing strategies businesses employ to support their recovery.  Why are drive-to-web strategies so important in the current climate?  Unsurprisingly consumers are spending more time online and according to data from Hootsuite, internet users in the UK are spending an additional day online per month. The average time spent online each...

The recent increase in the number of residential new builds combined with a rise in commercial new builds and renovations has led to a healthy situation for the UK roofing sector. Growth in 2016 was reported to be 7%, with total revenue in the region of £5bn and the long term outlook is good. So how can roofing contractors make the most of SMS Marketing to ensure continued success? Read on for 4 easy to implement suggestions.

Deciding whether to use SMS Marketing, email or both ultimately depends on the objectives of your campaign and the associated return on investment (ROI). The key is to have an understanding of their inherent differences and use these to your advantage in each medium. To help give a clearer understanding, we take a closer look at some of the key differences between email and SMS Marketing, and when the latter may be an effective choice. Read on to learn more.

The email to SMS solution offers many benefits to businesses. Amongst these are integration of SMS messaging into any application that supports email without worrying about an API, the ability for employees to send and receive text messages without the need to access a browser in businesses that need to control or limit access, and access to all the fastsms features you’ll need for bulk messaging, mobile marketing, or time-sensitive notifications. Read on to learn more.

When it comes to SMS Marketing, the secret to high conversion rates lies in compelling copywriting, especially when it comes to the call to action (CTA). Although an SMS message is limited to a maximum of 459 characters, there is still plenty of scope to put your creativity and flair to good use and create messages that really do generate a return on investment. So what are the most effective power words of the moment? Here’s our top ten list to try out.