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Bulk SMS is the term used to describe the sending of a single text message to multiple users. It could be used to refer to a hundred messages or a million although we generally think in terms of bulk messaging referring to tens of thousands of messages at least. There can be some customisation of the message, a bit like a mail merge, where name and other personalised details can be blended into a standard message template.

Because of its nature bulk SMS is most used for mass marketing, sending out special offers, discount coupons or important news to an opted in SMS mailing list. It can also be used to send out alerts – bad weather, road closures, equipment failure and so forth. A key element is usually fast delivery and reliability of delivery. You want to be sure the information is received quickly rather than arriving after the event, or worse still, not at all.

The world of marketing is something that is continually adapting, developing and changing and it is essential that organisations large and small keep up to date and embrace new techniques, channels and strategies to keep their existing customers satisfied and to to attract new customers. So what is changing in the marketing landscape for 2018 and how can you adapt your SMS Marketing strategy to fit? Here are 5 tips.

The new year is traditionally a time when people look to make positive changes in their lives and resolve to tie up loose ends in various areas of life. It is an ideal time for Life Insurers to reach out to both new and existing clients and encourage them to make sure that everything is in order for the new year. SMS Marketing is a powerful and effective solution which is ideal for such a campaign. Here are seven suggestions for using SMS Marketing to start your 2018 campaign.

It may be up against competition from web-based instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger, but all the indications are that SMS is just as important as ever and is likely to remain a highly important channel for many more years to come. So why should you choose SMS Marketing to promote your business in 2018? In this infographic, we've shared 5 good reasons that you can take in at a glance.

SMS messaging continues to be one of the most popular ever methods of communication, even against fierce competition from instant messaging apps such as Messenger and WhatApp. It is this continued popularity, along with the incredible ease of use, that has also seen it maintain its position as one of the most effective marketing channels for B2C and B2B companies alike. In this article, our experts offer ten top tips for SMS Marketing success in the coming year.

Winter is historically peak season for mechanics, and the recent spell of arctic weather in the UK has seen breakdown numbers reach record levels. Even the most modern of cars can fall victim to the cold weather, meaning that as long as you can be found, there is money to be made. Whether used as a tool to retain existing clients or attract new clients, SMS Marketing has a lot to offer mechanics this winter. Here are some suggestions.