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An A-Z of SMS Marketing – E is for Email to SMS [Infographic]

Email to SMS offers many advantages to business SMS Marketing users and is incredibly easy and convenient to use. Features include the ability to send from anywhere in the globe, whilst paying local UK message rates to UK numbers,  receiving text messages in your email inbox when you use a virtual mobile number and the ability to stay in touch with your customers wherever you have Wi-Fi, even when there’s no mobile signal.

The email to SMS solution offers many benefits to businesses. Amongst these are integration of SMS messaging into any application that supports email without worrying about an API, the ability for employees to send and receive text messages without the need to access a browser in businesses that need to control or limit access, and access to all the fastsms features you’ll need for bulk messaging, mobile marketing, or time-sensitive notifications.

With email to SMS, business bulk SMS Marketing simply couldn’t be easier!

How does Email to SMS work?

An A-Z of SMS Marketing - E is for Email to SMS - Infographic

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