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5 all important SMS Marketing tips for 2018

5 all important SMS Marketing tips for 2018

The world of marketing is constantly evolving and SMS Marketing is no exception. To get the best out of the opportunities available, it is important to stay up to date on the latest trends in a world that is changing more quickly than ever before. Here are some top tips for those looking to use SMS Marketing in January 2018.

1. It’s personal

By its very nature, SMS Marketing is a very personal channel, but consumers in 2018 are looking to marketing to be more personalised than ever before. So what can we do to demonstrate that we respect this? Make sure any SMS Marketing communications you send out are individual and personal, not a blanket one for all message. If possible, where it fits within your company’s overall style, be relatively informal and use first names so that people know the message was intended specifically for them. Another good technique is to use the right choice of keywords – phrases such as  ‘Just for you’ of ‘Because you matter’ are proven to be highly effective, and much better than very generalised offers or announcements.

2. It’s data-driven

Data Driven SMS Marketing | Fastsms

Good marketing has been data-driven for a long time, but with increased access to powerful AI-based tools, the traditional ‘soft skills’ approach to marketing is rapidly being replaced by a new quantitative approach that is based on data-science. As this new approach cascades down the chain to even the smallest of companies, it will become possible to identify and target highly specific groups of customers with SMS Messaging and develop messages for them that are carefully crafted for maximum effect. Whilst this is a very new area, especially in the context of SMS Marketing, it is one to watch with interest.

3. Privacy matters

Consumer privacy is a huge topic right now, especially with the new legislation known as GDPR coming into force in May 2018. Although existing regulations such as PECR already make it mandatory that customers explicitly opt-in for SMS Marketing, the new rules which will supercede the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) make it absolutely essential for companies to review their processes and make it clear what customers are signing up for. Whilst the vast majority of companies using SMS Marketing do already follow best practice, now is a good time to review your processes to make sure that you are familiar with any effects the new regulations might have.

4. People want live marketing

Research indicates that more and more brands are turning to live events to get their message out, bringing customers with shared interests together under one roof. One great example (although in this case, not under a roof) was Coca Cola’s Christmas truck tour of the UK, which saw customers across the country waiting in line to have their selfie broadcast on the side of the iconic truck – and in so doing working wonders for the brand’s popularity on social media.

Although for Coca Cola, the event was driven by social media, SMS Marketing can also be used to great effect within the live arena. Using a shortcode can allow customers to instantly engage with your brand via digital displays, printed media, audio and more. For example, if you are organising or participating in a recruitment fair, you could display a CTA such as “Ready for the next step? Text YES to 87007 now”. This allows customers to instantly engage with your brand and is a great way to begin building a two way relationship. The same strategy can be used in many different ways too – why not invite customers to obtain a voucher code in the same way to promote sales, for example.

5. New leads matter

Looking after your existing customer base is crucial, but to see sustained growth in 2018, it is essential that your marketing efforts generate new leads. With the internet a noisier marketplace than ever before and at the same time many of the leading social media platforms showing signs of a slowdown in growth, Twitter most notably, now is a good time for marketers to go back to other methods – and SMS Marketing is a perfect fit. Because it is a time-tested method of communication that still carries a strong sense of trust and genuineness, reaching out to new leads in this way (provided, of course, that you have ensured you are compliant) can often be seen as both personal and sincere – both key to building a loyal and lasting relationship with your brand.With higher open and conversion rates than any comparable channel, SMS Marketing is a great way to build new leads in this coming year.

No matter how you intend to use SMS Marketing in 2018, the experts at Fastsms are perfectly positioned to give you the advice and support you need to make it a success. To learn more about our low price business bulk SMS Messaging solutions, call now on 0800 954 5305.

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