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With football such an important part of British culture, the World Cup offers a fantastic sales opportunity for companies of all different shapes and sizes - all you need is a great idea to get a themed campaign up and running. And the beauty of SMS Marketing - you can set up and start running a campaign almost instantly. To help you make the most of this exciting event, we've prepared a football themed infographic to offer some insipration and ideas to get you thinking.

With volunteering playing such a vital role in the success of charities and other social organisations throughout the UK and carrying such a high value, the cost of an SMS Marketing message for each volunteer is a tiny price to pay for their amazing contribution and the simple act of saying thank you will help to show them that they matter and ensure their continued support. This infographic shows some ways in which SMS Marketing can be used to get the message across.

Last Friday, one of the biggest ever changes in the law governing how customer data is collected, stored and used came into force - GDPR. With the risk of substantial and costly consequences for businesses which fail to comply, it has never been more important to do things right and avoid getting caught out – and this means that your SMS Marketing needs to be compliant So what should you be double checking when it comes to SMS Marketing? Here’s a quick guide in a handy infographic.

This weekend, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting married in what is a mementous occasion for the nation and an event that will be celebrated by millions of people of all ages. As well as being one of the largest social events in recent years, it offers businesses a unique chance to boost sales with some themed activities and promotions related to this unique moment. Check out this latest infographic for easy to use some suggestions to celebrate the event!

The early May bank holiday has been and gone, and the next three day weekend is just around the corner. For many businesses, SMS Marketing is a great way to cash in on this fantastic opportunity to boost sales - especially when the British like nothing more than to hit the road for a bank holiday getaway. SMS Marketing allows you to reach your customers wherever they are, whenever it matters - even if they are away from their computers and don't have access to wifi. Our infographic explains.