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9 High Conversion Power Words for SMS Marketing

9 High Conversion Power Words for SMS Marketing

When it comes to SMS Marketing, the secret to high conversion rates lies in compelling copywriting, especially when it comes to the call to action (CTA). Although an SMS message is limited to a maximum of 459 characters, there is still plenty of scope to put your creativity and flair to good use and create messages that really do generate a return on investment. So what are the most effective power words of the moment? Here’s our top ten list to try out.

1. Because

There is beauty in this simple word at two levels. Firstly, one tried and tested way to encourage customers to spend is to give them a good reason to so that they feel the expenditure is justified – and the word ‘because’ achieves exactly that. If you give the customer the reasoning, they don’t face the ‘should I, shouldn’t I?’ dilemma as you have already made the choice for them.

Secondly, it can be used for almost every conceivable occasion – because it’s spring, because it’s world cup season, because you’re special, because you deserve… the only limit to how you use this seven letter piece of magic is your creativity.

2. Easy

It speaks for itself, really. SMS Marketing is not the place for long essays on the how or why a customer should buy your product or use your service. It is a short, sharp channel to make a simple point. A great theme to build your campaign around is how easy it is for the customer to make their life even better, whatever it is you have to offer. For example:

“Need cash quick? It’s as easy as ABC with ABC Loans. Text BORROW now to 87007 to begin your application now and have a decision within minutes.”

There is one caveat that comes with this particular power word – make sure that the process to obtain whatever it is you are offering really is easy!

3. Everything

Whether it’s everything you need or everything included, this is another versatile and powerful word that really converts. Many purchases are goal driven, and this drives home the message that by choosing your product or service, the customer will be able to achieve the goal they have in mind – making them much more willing to commit to the transaction.

Just as with the previous example, however, it is important to be true to your word. If you say everything, it must mean everything.

4. Secret

If there are two things customers particularly like, it is a sense of exclusivity and the feeling that they are in the know about something that others don’t know about. It awakens their curiosity and builds a strong sense of need. Try a message such as:

“The secret to looking 10 years younger in just 7 days? Jenny’s intense anti-aging treatment programme now just £99.99…”

5. Instant

Let’s face it, we live in an impatient world. Nobody likes to wait. So if you can offer an instant solution to a problem, then this is a great word to build an SMS Marketing campaign around – and lends itself perfectly to the medium, given the speedy response times it is famous for.

Whether it is instant access to a service or the opportunity to make an instant purchase, the possibilities are wide. It can also be applied very effectively to downloadable products. All of the above are easy to facilitate with URLs within the message, ideally short links powered by websites such as bitly.com.

6. Elite

That feeling of being part of an elite group has long held a strong appeal for consumers, and given that SMS Marketing is highly personal in comparison to other channels such as email, it is very easy to be convincing. Simply turn your SMS Marketing list into a desirable members-only club, and begin sending those VIP customers offers that are just too good to refuse.

To enhance the sense of exclusivity, make sure that you use the customer’s name in the message, and consider offering a dedicated person as their point of contact.

A hotel might send a message such as:

Dear John, as a gold member of our Elite Club, you’ve qualified for 15% off your next stay at the Bay View Hotel. Call your dedicated booking manager Charles now to book…”

7. No Obligation

If you want to win, then creating a win-win situation is a great place to start. Offering a no obligation opportunity for a customer to test your product or service is a great way to instil trust and confidence, especially when it comes to higher value offers or those that might be based on big claims.

8. Never

Although negative keywords are generally best avoided, this is definitely an exception to the rule when used correctly. Great examples of what is known as ‘negative benefit’ include ‘Never miss another payment’ or ‘Never worry about unexpected charges again’.

It is a power word that is particularly effective for businesses in the financial and utilities sectors, as well as those providing variable billed services such as telephone and internet accounts.

9. Proven

If your product or service offers proven results, then be sure to shout about it. Although it is similar to ‘Guaranteed’, there is a key difference – proven immediately implies that your claims have been verified by an independent party. Of course, as with any marketing claims, make sure that your campaign is supported by accurate evidence to avoid getting into complicated territory.

This keyword can be used to great effect with companies that solve problems, especially those in the tech and nutrition sectors for example.

Whatever your sector, product or service, SMS Marketing is a low cost, simple and highly effective solution that offers exceptional ROI. To learn more and get started today, call our experts now on 0800 954 5305.

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