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As online retailing becomes more and more common ecommerce is using SMS in a number of innovative ways to make the process faster, easier and more secure.

For a while now companies such as Amazon have used SMS messaging to update customers on the progress of their orders and estimated delivery times. When setting up an online account it is common for the retailer to send an authorisation code by text to cut down on fraud and new services, such as Magic, now offer a service that permits you to order anything from virtually anywhere just by sending a text.

And this may just be the beginning.

SMS Marketing is a perfect option for many different types of business and the jewellery sector is no exception. Whether you are an established jewellery retailer or an artisan manufacturer, SMS Marketing offers many opportunities to promote both your brand and products, as well as increase customer loyalty. So how can businesses in the jewellery sector use SMS Marketing to their advantage? Read on for five suggestions from the experts.

Black Friday is almost here and for the retailer, this relatively recent development is fast becoming one of the UK’s biggest sales events of the year. Although the trend began in America, in the space of just a couple of years the craze seems to have taken hold of UK shoppers and shows no signs of going away. For retailers, it is time to drop everything else and focus on sales and marketing - and SMS Marketing should have a prominent place in your Black Friday strategy. Here's why.

With open rates as high as 98% and click-through rates substantially higher than their email counterparts, SMS marketing is an essential channel for eCommerce store owners and should not be ignored. Add to this the fact that mobile phones are now the most popular internet browsing device, and it is easy to see why SMS has become so attractive to retailers and consumers alike. If you haven't already started using SMS marketing to support your business, read on to find out why you really should.

Whilst some businesses still offer physical sales, many companies have an online presence as well. Whether they trade solely on the internet or maintain physical stores, it’s vital for businesses to cater for online customers. In order to increase sales and turnover, companies rely on a range of marketing methods, such as offline advertising or digital promotions. Whilst these can be effective, many businesses are overlooking the potential of SMS marketing.


With its out-of-the-box functionality, powerful designs and endless opportunities for customisation, it is no surprise that Shopify has become one of the most popular platforms for online stores. However, the key to success for any online store is getting customers to visit your website - and SMS Marketing is a simple and highly effective way to do this. Read on to learn how you can take advantage of SMS Marketing to help build your Shopify business and increase your profits.