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SMS Marketing for Jewellers and Jewellery Makers

SMS Marketing for Jewellers and Jewellery Makers

SMS Marketing is a perfect option for many different types of business and the jewellery sector is no exception. Whether you are an established jewellery retailer or an artisan manufacturer, SMS Marketing offers many opportunities to promote both your brand and products, as well as increase customer loyalty.

Research by Professional Jeweller values the UK’s jewellery sector at over £5 billion yearly, whilst Euromonitor International recorded a 6.5% value growth in 2017 alone, with both luxury and affordable jewellery both seeing a strong performance. At the same time, Globaldata predicts an overall growth of over 13% between 2016 – 2021. With all the signs showing the sector going from strength to strength, there has never been a better time than now to invest in new marketing strategies – one of them being SMS Marketing.

So how can businesses in the jewellery sector use SMS Marketing to their advantage? Here are five suggestions.

1. SMS Marketing for offers and promotions

If you carry stock items that are available for immediate ordering or purchase, then SMS is a great way to inform customers of your latest offers and promotions and can be used to increase sales both online and instore.

If your aim is to boost website sales, then it is incredibly easy to send an SMS message that includes a shortened, mobile-friendly link to your online catalogue where customers can browse and order from the convenience of their mobile phone. If, on the other hand, you wish to drive more customers to visit your store and let your in-store sales team handle the rest, then a voucher code that can only be used in person at the shop can be equally effective. For those who offer bespoke or high-end jewellery, the latter is likely to be more appropriate, whilst for online sales, an example SMS message might read:

“Dear Jane, don’t miss our May holiday sale! For a limited time only, we’re offering 10% off on all purchases over £120. Go to www.thejewelleryco.co.uk to view all of our captivating ranges now and find the perfect match for you…”

For an in-store only promotion, an alternative might read something like:

“Dear Jane, drop into The Jewellery Co this May holiday weekend to view our exclusive new jewellery ranges from luxury brands including Tom Binns and Sophie Bille Brahe and enjoy a very special 10% off any purchase…”

2. Order confirmations by SMS

Whether your customer has placed an order in store or online through your website, SMS Marketing is an ideal way to confirm the order and make sure that the customer knows that everything is in order. As well as confirming the purchase itself, this is a great opportunity to make sure the customer knows what happens next, and who to contact should they have any queries or encounter any problems. For higher end jewellers, it can be very effective to give a named individual as a personal contact for the customer. For example:

“Dear Mrs Moretti, we are pleased to confirm your order for one pair of Raphaele Canot Skinny Deco diamond earrings. Your anticipated order preparation time is 10-14 days – we will send a further confirmation when your order is ready for inspection. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your dedicated sales manager Claire on 0800 3875 434…”

3. Status updates, dispatch confirmations etc

Of course, sending an order confirmation by SMS is a great way to open this channel of communication, and it makes sense to then build the relationship by SMS. Not only will this help you to provide an exceptional customer experience, it will also help to familiarise the customer with receiving communications from you via this channel so that you can take advantage of further marketing and sales opportunities with SMS Marketing later down the line.

Make sure you send an SMS message at each key step in the order process, be it order completion, preparation for dispatch, arrival in store or scheduled delivery date/time.

Be sure in all cases that the tone of the message is in keeping with the position of your brand to demonstrate a natural and personal touch that will resonate with your customers.

4. News, reviews, style tips and more

Remember that marketing is not just about direct sales and conversions, it is also about increasing brand awareness and engagement, building trust and, increasingly, establishing your brand as a knowledge leader in the field. One way the latter is typically done is through social media, however, your company blog is another important channel, especially for long-form content and features. Although most companies use email marketing as the primary channel for promoting new content, this is not necessarily the optimum channel. With more and more unsolicited email and spam passing through people’s inboxes, the chances of your message being missed are high. People are also now checking their inboxes less frequently, meaning that opening and response times can be slow.

SMS Marketing is a perfect way to reach out to customers and encourage them to check out your latest posts, news and more. SMS messages are usually opened and read within seconds of being received, and boast an exceptional click-through rate. With the vast a majority of mobile phones in circulation now being smartphones that support web browsing, it is easy for the customer to proceed to the intended destination with no effort at all. For best practice, use a link shortener such as bitly.com as this appear more professional, as well as give you more characters for the message itself.

5. SMS Marketing for previews, premieres, events, etc

When it comes to higher end jewellers and artisan manufacturers, special events can be an important part of the business, be it previews or premiers for new collections, special events such as fashion shows, workshops, celebrity events, etc. SMS Marketing can be used to promote these events and send invitations to help ensure that you have a full house when it matters most. It can also be used to manage ticketing for confirmed attendees.

For best results, make sure that there is a sense of exclusivity in the message – consider using some of the power words shown in our recent infographic here.

To learn more or to get started with SMS Marketing today, give our award-winning team of experts a call now on 0800 954 5305 and we’ll have you up and running in seconds.

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