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SMS messaging is a powerful tool in your mobile marketing campaign but your copy has to be well written or you won’t get the best results.

Good copywriting must take into account the constraints of the 160 character message limit, the legal imperatives laid down by regulatory bodies and the personal nature of SMS.

We have helped many thousands of clients get this right and in this section we share many of the best practices we have come across. Follow these and you will maximise the return from your mobile campaigns.

Sadly there was no Murray on the player list when Wimbledon officially opened earlier this week, but nonetheless the tournament of all tennis tournaments is still guaranteed to impress. With a little creativity, national and international sports events such as Wimbledon can offer fantastic SMS marketing opportunities. In this article, we explore how to make the most of Wimbledon in your SMS marketing.

With football such an important part of British culture, the World Cup offers a fantastic sales opportunity for companies of all different shapes and sizes - all you need is a great idea to get a themed campaign up and running. And the beauty of SMS Marketing - you can set up and start running a campaign almost instantly. To help you make the most of this exciting event, we've prepared a football themed infographic to offer some insipration and ideas to get you thinking.

The 2018 Football World Cup officially starts tomorrow with the first match taking place between hosts Russia and fellow Group A contenders Saudi Arabia. With football being such a big part of British culture, now is a great time to put together a themed SMS Marketing campaign to make the most of the hype. So what footie phrases work best for SMS Marketing and how can you use them? Here are nine inspired ideas.  ...

When it comes to SMS Marketing, the secret to high conversion rates lies in compelling copywriting, especially when it comes to the call to action (CTA). Although an SMS message is limited to a maximum of 459 characters, there is still plenty of scope to put your creativity and flair to good use and create messages that really do generate a return on investment. So what are the most effective power words of the moment? Here’s our top ten list to try out.

Marketing campaigns must be carefully constructed to ensure that certain essential ingredients are there. The challenge with SMS is the incredibly limited amount of space, meaning it is harder to draft the perfect message. On the plus side, response times, open rates and click through rates are significantly higher than any comparable channel, making the extra effort worthwhile. So just what should always be included in your SMS Marketing messages? Here are three key ingredients.