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SMS messaging can be useful to charities in a variety of ways both for fundraising and for general operational purposes.

Shortcodes can be used to take contributions although this is not quite as attractive as it might seem because the sums collected include VAT and network costs so the full amount is not paid to the charity. But SMS is brilliant for publicising events, coordinating volunteers, spreading news and handling logistics.

Costs are low so valuable funds are conserved at the same time as effectiveness is increased.

From 1-7th June, groups, charities and individuals across the UK will be getting together to celebrate Volunteers’ Week 2018, a week long event which aims to share inspiring stories, encourage individuals to get involved in volunteering and provide resources to anybody with an interest in finding out more. SMS Marketing is a great, low cost way for charities and other organisations to reach out to both new and existing volunteers, share information and more. Read on for some great ideas.

With volunteering playing such a vital role in the success of charities and other social organisations throughout the UK and carrying such a high value, the cost of an SMS Marketing message for each volunteer is a tiny price to pay for their amazing contribution and the simple act of saying thank you will help to show them that they matter and ensure their continued support. This infographic shows some ways in which SMS Marketing can be used to get the message across.

Raising awareness of their causes and encouraging donations is key to the mission of charities and not-for-profit organisations. Whilst marketing is an essential part of the equation, the challenge - especially for smaller organisations - lies in ensuring the largest possible amount of money goes directly into the causes they support and promote. SMS Marketing offers a great opportunity to reach new audiences, encourage and facilitate donations and increase reach - all at a minimal cost.

SMS messaging is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing available. Like any marketing, though, it is vital to plan your campaign effectively to ensure maximum success. So let's look at a few basic principles that will help you make the most of your online SMS marketing.


Most youth and community groups are volunteer-led, and either charitably funded or run on donations, so communications need not only to be effective, but they also have to be easy, and quick for volunteers to use, and low cost. That's where SMS comes in...