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SMS messaging can be useful to charities in a variety of ways both for fundraising and for general operational purposes.

Shortcodes can be used to take contributions although this is not quite as attractive as it might seem because the sums collected include VAT and network costs so the full amount is not paid to the charity. But SMS is brilliant for publicising events, coordinating volunteers, spreading news and handling logistics.

Costs are low so valuable funds are conserved at the same time as effectiveness is increased.

It's sometimes a challenge for charities to get people's attention. But once you get it, SMS messaging is a great way to keep it. Why? People freely give their emails, but their mobile number is often closely guarded. So when someone opts in to your charity campaign with their mobile number, it means they are invested in your cause.


SMS is a cheap and ethical way for charities and organisations to communicate with their supporters, notifying them of upcoming events or keeping them informed of what work they have been doing ‐ this makes the supporters feel more connected to the cause and more likely to contribute in the form of volunteering and donating.