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5 Tips for Charities Using SMS Marketing

sms marketing for charities

It’s sometimes a challenge for charities to get people’s attention. But once you get it, SMS messaging is a great way to keep it. Why? People freely give their emails, but their mobile number is often closely guarded. So when someone opts in to your charity campaign with their mobile number, it means they are invested in your cause. They want to help you and know what you’re doing to further your cause.

Here are some tips on how to maximise your communications with these dedicated supporters.

  1.  Keep them up to date on fundraising campaigns.  Chances are your supporters first opted in during a fundraising campaign of some sort. They may be wondering if their donation of time or money helped you meet your goal. Just a quick note saying thank you with a status update goes a long way to helping those supporters feel valued and let them know they’ve done some good.
  2. Announce events. If your charity is holding an event to raise awareness, fundraise, or to thank contributors send a note to your supporters letting them know about it. Also ask them to share the information to help spread the word about the event which could lead to even more supporters.
  3. Share a success. Your hard work, and your supporters’ too, has paid off. You met your goal, or a project has been completed. Share the news with those that helped you with a quick message detailing how many people were helped, or what project is completed or now open – whatever it is. These types of messages help the supporters feel good about themselves, and about you for doing what it was you said you would. Next time you need to ask for a donation, they’ll be more inclined to help knowing you follow through.
  4. Ask for volunteers. Not every request has to be for money. Instead ask if they are interested in donating a few hours at an event, a shelter, or somehow for your organisation. Send a link with more information on the specifics so people can take action immediately.
  5. Ask for donations. Of course, a big part of charities’ communications is about asking for money. You need it to keep functioning and complete the good work you’re doing. If you don’t ask too often, a quick SMS message can be a low-cost, high return fundraising avenue. Send a link they can use to donate online, or a phone number to call. You may have seen some charities offer donations directly by texting a number or shortcode, but these can be problematic. Usually it requires the charity to directly negotiate with the mobile carriers, or use a third party, to approve the collection of funds. There are always fees associated with collecting money via mobile, as well as costs for shortcodes. The whole process makes it difficult, if not impossible, except for the largest of charities.

SMS messaging is a great tool for charities to reach out to busy people in the 21st century. Interested in learning how to make it work for your cause? We’re here to help you get started. Just call, email, chat or fill out the request form below. Alternatively, read our business sectors report on charities.

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