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Car dealers are proven to benefit greatly from use of SMS marketing both in terms of creating brand awareness and making real sales of vehicles.

They can promote events, model launches, test drives and so forth by broadcasting text messages to their subscriber base and maximise attendance through follow up messages closer to the day.

Even more effective is the broadcasting of special, time-limited offers on vehicles. We know of examples where the expenditure of a few tens of pounds on sending the messages has led within days to multiple vehicle sales.

Britain’s vehicle hire sector is booming. Having overcome a downturn in the earlier part of the decade, all the indications are that the industry has undergone a quiet revolution - and with it, so has the way that hire companies communicate with their customers. So how can car rental companies improve their reputation for customer service and increase revenues with SMS Marketing? We look at some of the possibilities on offer. Read on to learn more...

SMS Marketing offers main dealers a great opportunity to put соnѕumеrѕ аt еаѕе and redefine the perception of both their brand and business. With mоѕt uѕеrѕ viewing business SMS messages on their ѕmаrtрhоnе as “frееіng, connecting, hеlрful,” it is a value-added service that should not be overlooked. As well as establishing a reputation for exceptional customer service, SMS Marketing can help increase customer lоуаltу and encourage grоwth through the distribution of positive feedback. Here's how.

Most car dealerships and garages already have almost everything in place to start an effective SMS marketing campaign. When customers go into a car garage to have a service or a MOT done, they almost always give the dealership their mobile phone number. The reason for this is simple: if a customer is bringing their car in to get checked and they don't want to wait around for any work to be carried out, they'll simply head into town or run a few errands, until the garage gives them a call on their mobile to let them know the work has been done. That means most garages will have a healthy amount of mobile numbers already in their database, but quite often a garage will overlook the potential that their database of contacts presents.


When it comes to buying a car there is one thing that the potential buyer places more importance on than anything else. Of course, the price, condition and specifications of the car are major deciding factors, but above this, it is ultimately trust that will make or break the sale. For the commercial dealer, word of mouth plays a key role in this, along with online ratings and reviews. Read this article to learn how SMS Messaging can also help to promote trust and transparency, helping dealerships to drive sales up and increase profits.


Global brands are increasingly taking advantage of a Short Message Service (SMS) to connect to customers and improve customer communication and engagement. This trend is taking root amongst small companies too, as they grasp the potential to not only communicate effectively in real-time but use SMS to save time and money in their customer relations procedures.