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Text Messaging for
Non-Profit Organisations

Get more donations, increase awareness, boost event

attendance & coordinate volunteers using SMS

See for yourself how easy it is to start using SMS in your non-profit
organisation – we’ll even give you 25 free credits to get started

Reduce operating costs, raise awareness & fundraise

As a non-profit manager or director, you’re always looking for ways to further your cause – to do more good while balancing administration and operating costs. SMS messaging is a great tool for charities whether it’s contacting donors, organising volunteers, connecting with the people you help or raising awareness in a community.

SMS provides a low cost, easy to manage communication path directly into the hands of the people you need to contact most. It enables you to lower admin costs, coordinate volunteers & decrease turnaround times by sending text messages instead of letters.

It also enables you to connect with your supporters more directly by raising awareness, sending updates on specific campaigns & thanking your contributors directly.

There’s always more good to be done. SMS messaging can help you do more of it, for less money, in less time.

Secure Business SMS

Raise awareness

Build your opt-in list by including a shortcode keyword in your advertising so you can text more supporters

SMS payments


Get more donations from previous contributors by sending them a link to your fundraising page

SMS information


Send regular updates to contributors of a specific campaign, informing them of the work you're doing

SMS appointment reminder

Event management

Use SMS to create a buzz around your next event, increasing attendance & coordinate volunteers on the day

SMS donations

Give thanks

Automatically thank all of your contributors to a particular campaign when you reach your target

Direct SMS replies

Replace calls

Reduce your reliance on volunteers by replacing street teams and call centres with cost-efficient text messages

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