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Fundraising activities these days are in competition with a myriad other organisations competing for the same money. SMS messaging can help keep you ahead of those not yet using SMS marketing and help you catch up with those that already are.

Keep your existing supporters updated with news of your activities to keep you in the forefront of their mind and prevent them drifting away. Promote your events via text messaging with reminders close to the event to maximise attendance. Use SMS to attract new supporters and provide an opportunity to donate via text using reverse billing in conjunction with an SMS shortcode and keyword – “Text DONATE to 87007 to donate £3” for example.

From 1-7th June, groups, charities and individuals across the UK will be getting together to celebrate Volunteers’ Week 2018, a week long event which aims to share inspiring stories, encourage individuals to get involved in volunteering and provide resources to anybody with an interest in finding out more. SMS Marketing is a great, low cost way for charities and other organisations to reach out to both new and existing volunteers, share information and more. Read on for some great ideas.

Most youth and community groups are volunteer-led, and either charitably funded or run on donations, so communications need not only to be effective, but they also have to be easy, and quick for volunteers to use, and low cost. That's where SMS comes in...

One retailer increased their online mobile traffic by 93% year over year using SMS messaging. Another increased foot traffic by 21% after adding mobile coupons to their marketing. Do you want to know how? Find out in our blog on increasing traffic with SMS messaging.


There are just shy of 200,000 registered charities in the United Kingdom. Between them, they spend around £80 billion per annum. SMS marketing for charities is coming of age as an important tool for reaching supporters and benefactors alike, and there are a few important things that charities should be bearing in mind if they are to make the most out of this fact.