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Recruitment and employment agencies can derive great benefits from use of SMS messaging in most aspects of their business.

Candidates can be informed of vacancies they might be interested in, directly to their phones. Appointment dates can be arranged with total privacy. Employers can receive brief candidate details or appointment details even when out of the office. Clarification can be sought by both candidates and employers.

Job details can be accessed by texting in a job code to Fastsms, triggering a response immediately to the enquirer’s phone. Contract workers can text in their availability or receive details of their assignments. All of this saves time and money, increases efficiency and, vitally, places more candidates.

Times are more turbulent than ever due to worldwide political, social and economic change. In the UK, this general uncertainty is even more pronounced as a result of the unresolved questions surrounding the issue of Brexit and its eventual impact on Britain’s relationship with mainland Europe and indeed beyond. However, there remains a lot to be optimistic about when it comes to British business. So which sectors are worth watching at the moment and how can they benefit from SMS Marketing?

With many making it their New Year’s Resolution to find a new job or make a long awaited career change and the tighter economy forcing more and more people to seek better incomes and greater stability, 2018 is set to be a busy year for recruitment agencies. In addition, there is more demand than ever from employers. Read this article to learn why SMS Marketing should feature prominently in your strategy this year.

Within the recruitment industry, SMS text messaging has been helping businesses for many years to effectively communicate with their clients and candidates, offering a 'real time' service to provide a competitive service. If you're working in the recruitment industry and are not yet using SMS text messaging as part of your day to day operation, read on to understand why it should be a crucial part of your business.

SMS messaging supports all sorts of use cases. Most of the time, businesses consider it an expense. But for some businesses, there's a method that could turn that expense into income. See some examples of how it works, and if it might be for you in this blog.


SMS marketing is a great addition to your business and overall marketing efforts. It can be daunting to get going, however, and the 160 character limit (or 456 characters if using fastsms) leaves a lot of people wondering exactly what they should say. To help you out, we've compiled 21 ready-to-send business text messaging alerts.