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Why SMS Text Messaging is a Must For Your Recruitment Business

sms text messaging for recruitment businesses

SMS text messaging is one of the most effective and powerful platforms companies can use to communicate with their intended audience. Not only is it quick and easy to create a text message, it is one of the most direct ways to reach the person you need to in a cost effective way. Many industries and companies are using SMS text messaging to help to improve the flow of communication with their customers, passing important information on at short notice, and revolutionising the way they do business. Within the recruitment industry, SMS text messaging has been helping businesses for many years to effectively communicate with their clients and candidates, offering a ‘real time’ service to provide a competitive service. If you’re working in the recruitment industry and are not yet using SMS text messaging as part of your day to day operation, read on below to understand why it should be a crucial part of your business.

Real time information

Within the recruitment sector the ability to react quickly and efficiently to news is paramount to the success of your company and your ability to beat your competition. Taking leads from clients and candidates, reaching out to the relevant people, and passing on information at the click of a button is the most effective way you will secure the right people, at the right time. Whether that be confirming a session of interviews with a client, or asking a candidate to call about a new job you’ve heard of that they’re perfect for. The ability to react to and pass on real time information, is one of the main reasons SMS text messaging is so important within the recruitment industry.

Convenient and flexible

Another huge benefit of using SMS text messaging within your recruitment business is that it is a convenient and flexible method of communication. You are able to pass information on to clients and candidates at a time that suits them. As many of the people you’re working with will be working within the same office hours that your recruitment business is, it is not always convenient for them to pick up the phone when you call. So using text messaging allows you to pass on the information you need to in a direct, but flexible way. Then when the recipient is able to respond, they can do so in a time frame that suits them rather than having the added pressure of trying to push their job search forward whilst working full time.

Relationship builder

SMS text messaging can also be used as a great relationship builder as it allows direct communication between your recruitment company, your candidates and your clients during each step of the recruitment process. Before your candidates go into their interviews you can text them helpful tips, links to information about the company they’re interviewing with, address details of where they need to be for their interview and personal good luck messages, timed to be sent a little while before they head in. These personal touches can go a long way in helping to boost your candidates confidence, making sure they carry out a great interview. You can also send your clients helpful reminders such as who they’re meeting and at which times as a convenient reminder of the people they’re about to meet. Of course, you’ll know whether this is something your client will value or not, but if it is something they’d appreciate it can help you to establish yourself as a valued recruitment partner, as you go above and beyond in your service.


Another key benefit of using SMS text messaging as a recruiter is that it enables you to communicate with your candidates, and clients privately as the message is likely to be seen by only the intended recipient. Even if your message pops up on the recipients phone and someone else were to see the screen, they’re unlikely to think anything of a name in a person’s phone flashing up onto the screen. For candidates, this means they don’t need to worry whilst they’re in work that other people within their current company will see that they are looking for a new job, which could put them in a compromising position with their current employer. If they really need to keep their job search private, they could save your name down as something covert so as not to cause suspicion. Rather than expecting your candidates to take calls during work hours, which could cause issues for them in their current role, you can text them asking to call at a convenient time. You can also use text messaging to confirm important details, which are then handily stored on the person’s phone as a record.

For your clients, it can be equally beneficial to receive private direct text messages, which won’t be seen by a wider audience. This is especially important if the role is confidential, for example if the client is in the process of managing someone out of the business. You can effectively use SMS text messaging as a more private way of coordinating communication, asking the client to call when they can – which will arise less interest in the company from others, who are not yet aware there is a recruitment process happening.

If you work within the recruitment sector, and you’re looking to improve the flow of communication between your business, your clients and your candidates then SMS text messaging should absolutely be a priority. FastSMS provides our valued clients with market leading SMS text messaging services, to enable greater levels of direct communication, to improve the speed and cost efficiencies in how they communicate with their target audience. We offer our customers unparalleled customer support, and transparent pricing, so that you know your goals are our goals in making your SMS text messages as effective as possible. For more information about why utilising text messaging is a must for your recruitment business, contact us today on: 0800 954 5305 to discuss your exact requirements.

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