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How to use SMS in Recruitment

How to use SMS in Recruitment

While the importance of SMS Text Messaging in recruitment services is certainly not new information to agencies. They may be surprised just how many recruiters are either not using SMS effectively or to its full potential. As with all SMS communications the key to success is planning, content and execution. If this is not done correctly not only will broadcasts be less effective than they should but it may also carry detrimental effects. This blog post has been divided into the following sections How to Use SMS in Recruitment, Advantages of Using SMS Text Messaging, Getting the Most out of SMS Text Messaging & Choosing the Right SMS Provider.

How to Use SMS in Recruitment

SMS is such an intuitive and versatile medium for communication that it can be used for a myriad of uses within Recruitment. The following are just some of the ways SMS can be used to enhance your recruitment process…

  • Alert job seekers when a position becomes available matching their profile “Joe, 2 positions available with COMPANY, PAY, LOCATION. More info: URL
  • Pay notifications “Joe, £PAY has been deposited to you account DATE
  • Send reminders to candidates for interviews “Joe, you have an interview with COMPANY DATE/TIME. Reply ‘confirm’ or call to rearrange”
  • Timesheet requests “Joe, your timesheet is due DATE/TIME any questions call us”
  • Send internal administrative messages to recruitment staff or your clients “COMPANY, 3 new CVs to review for POSITION
  • Referrals from your database of contacts “Do you know vacancy for POSITION, PAY, LOCATION? Reply ‘YES JOBCODE’ for your reward”
  • Update candidates during application “Congratulations Joe, your job application has been successful. Call COMPANY for more information”
  • Gather feedback from candidates you have placed in work “Joe, how is the job going? We’d love to hear some feedback from you URL
  • Receive enquiries from new candidates and reply immediately “Thank you for your enquiry, someone will be in contact with you shortly”

Advantages of Using SMS Text Messaging

There are many advantages of using SMS over more traditional forms of communication, here are but a few…

  • You can get your messages directly into the hands of your recipients in a very personal medium, making it an extremely powerful tool.
  • Many messages can be automated and triggered by appropriate actions.
  • SMS is ideal for time sensitive information as most people have their mobile phones on them at all times and read messages they receive at the earliest opportunity.
  • Tracking responses and replies through SMS is extremely easy to do.
  • Text messages have by far the highest open and read rates over email and other forms of advertising. Due to the personal nature of mobile phones people are inclined to read everything they receive.
  • Bulk SMS sent through a professional business SMS provider means you can sent messages for just a few pence each making it extremely cost-efficient.
  • Delivery of SMS Text Messages is almost instantaneous, usually taking no more than a couple of seconds.
  • Single messages can be personalized and sent to thousands of subscribers at the same time, saving time and money.
  • There are ways to send SMS Text Messages to suit everyone including Desktop Software, Website Applications, direct through Microsoft Outlook (just like an email), Email to SMS (through any email client) or even by using an API you can integrate it into your own systems.

Getting the Most out of SMS Text Messaging

Like all forms of communication, SMS is only successful if used effectively. Here are just a few tips to help make sure you get the most out of your SMS service…

  • Personalize your messages wherever possible “FIRSTNAME, 2 positions available with COMPANY, PAY, LOCATION. More info: URL
  • Test your campaigns or template messages before sending thousands of texts.
  • Speak to your audience, while youths may understand all text abbreviations older applicants may find this confusing at best or even unprofessional.
  • Be sure to include the option to unsubscribe in your promotional messages “…unsub reply ‘STOP’”
  • For more information on writing effective SMS messages, as well as the legal guidelines, take a look at our Mobile Marketing Guide

Choosing the Right SMS Provider

Like with all business services it is important to choose the best possible provider. While there are many Bulk SMS providers out there offering the cheapest possible service what they don’t tell you is that their delivery rates are very low because they use substandard, foreign messaging routes. While an 80% delivery rate may be acceptable for massive marketing campaigns sending millions of messages about pizza or the latest soft drink, it is way off the mark for what is needed for professional business communications. When considering an SMS Provider we recommend you consider the following SMS Buyers Guide.

For more information on how to get the most out of SMS text messaging as a recruitment professional call us on 0800 954 5305 or email helpdesk@fastsms.co.uk

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