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21 Ready-to-Send Business Text Messaging Alerts

business text messaging templates

SMS marketing is a great addition to your business and overall marketing efforts. It can be daunting to get going, however, and the 160 character limit (or 456 characters if using fastsms) leaves a lot of people wondering exactly what they should say, and how they can send an effective marketing message, in what amounts to little more than a tweet.

To help you out, we’ve compiled 21 ready-to-send business text messaging alerts. We’ve used filler names for customers, addresses and organisations, and [square brackets] to indicate where phone numbers, tracking numbers etc. should go. Replace these with the appropriate information. They will get you started, and give you a good idea of how to structure your own bespoke SMS marketing messages…

Marketing & Promotional

These marketing and promotional SMS messages work well. They’re attention-grabbing, packed with powerful and urgent calls to action, and they convey information in a concise and clear manner. Tweak the wording slightly and split test versions to find the perfect performing messages for your business…


Sally’s Makes & Bakes is throwing a Buy 6 Get 2 Free cupcake sale until the end of May. Visit Sally’s Makes & Bakes today at 8 Main Street for delicious cake.

Loyalty scheme

Get great discounts on delicious lunch specials. Text “FOOD” to [insert-number] for a 10% discount on today’s lunch. Fuel your day the tasty (affordable) way!


Entertain the kids this Easter with FREE rounds at the Windmill Mini-Golf Centre. Call us now to book your golfing adventure: [insert-number].

Website launch

No more running out at 5pm on Sunday to grab stuff for the kids’ lunches next week! Mamma’s Little Helper deliver supplies 24/7. Order now: [insert short URL]

Subscribe invitation

Always be first in line when Belle’s Beauty is having a sale! To subscribe and receive awesome discounts click here: [insert short URL]

Appointment Reminders

3 in 10 people struggle to remember the day of the week, let alone what they’re supposed to be doing that day. Give them an easy and friendly nudge with these appointment reminders – they’re an effective and professional way to leverage the powerful, instantaneous nature of SMS messaging. They should contain the name and phone number of your company, and the exact time and date of the appointment.

Customer feedback

We’ve found far fewer patients are missing or forgetting appointments now they receive text reminders. We’re glad you’re enjoying our pre-scheduling system.

Hair salons

You have an appointment with Heather for a cut and colour at 10:00am tomorrow, May 11th. If you have any questions please call [insert-number].


Your dental appointment is with Dr L. Freeman on August 9th, 2:00pm. Ace Dentist, [insert-number].


You have an appointment at Lambert’s Bank tomorrow, 8th July, at 9am, 52 Top Street. Your bank account manager is Lara Steel, phone [insert-number].


Dear Dave, your Indian Head Massage is today at 6pm. Please arrive 10 minutes early. Heavenly Massage Salon.

Real estate agents

Wayne from All Access Real Estate is showing you around [insert-address] on Wednesday at 1pm. Please call [insert-number] if you need to change the time.

Recruitment agencies

FT Recruitment invite you for an interview at Stellar Design, 11am this Tuesday, 8th June, at 12 Bakers Road. Call Sharon on [insert-number] to confirm.

SMS Alerts & Notifications

Alerts and notifications can be used to promote exclusivity. This is particularly effective when you target them at repeat customers. Businesses sending straightforward, short alerts or notifications are perceived as being both trustworthy and professional. You can customise these templates, but you should always take care to include relevant details such as ETAs and delivery addresses, where relevant, as well as the company’s name and phone number.

Bank delivery notifications

Miss Mills, your new Lenox Bank credit card is waiting for you at 6 North Street.

Packages delivery notifications

Your package [tracking-number] has been delivered to 18 Taylor Street by your TLS Courier.

SMS Confirmations

These are similar to alerts and notifications and also give your business a bump up the trustworthy scale. Send information confirming things like flights, hotel bookings and payment confirmations. Include all relevant information such as company name, booking ID, confirmation number, and a short link to your website. It’s also nice to add a thank you!

Booking confirmation

Booking confirmation: [booking-number] Helena Hotel is happy to be expecting you from 10am on 13.10.2017. Thank you for choosing to stay with us!

Payment confirmation

Thanks for purchasing from Barrington Beds. We have now received payment for order number [number]. Thank you for your business.

Payment Reminders

The most important thing to remember when composing SMS marketing messages is that you should frame the information you are communicating in the most persuasive manner possible. You want clients to take action. This is particularly vital when sending reminders about payments. Your messages should be short but sweet. Add powerful call-to-actions and try to convey a sense of urgency, but don’t over-complicate things.

Insurance premium reminder

Your car insurance renewal payment is currently overdue. Please call [number] URGENTLY to make payment or discuss your policy.

Loan reminder

Notice: your latest monthly payment on your loan with Happy Loans is overdue. Please phone [number].

Defaulted reminder

Your loan is in default. We’re here to help and can offer you a 25% discount on the balance if you pay today. Please phone [number] now.

Payment reminder

Despite several reminder messages, the latest payment for your loan remains outstanding. Please call [number] to pay or arrange a repayment plan.

Unpaid invoice reminder

We have yet to receive payment for order [number]. Please call us on [number] immediately.

Business text messaging alerts are a brilliant way for you to communicate with your clients, promote your business, and send vital information and reminders. We hope you find these templates helpful – remember, they are guides only. You can tweak any details you need in order to create the perfect message for your business and clients.

Are you looking for an SMS provider in the UK? Look no further! Get in touch today, we’re happy to help…

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